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Comfortable face mask



Fully adjustable, comfortable face mask.

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Orthodontic Central Face Mask

Fully adjustable, comfortable face mask.

The set includes spare flexible chin and forehead pads, which extend the product's lifespan, increase wearing comfort, and facilitate hygiene maintenance.

Quick adjustment using mini clips provided in the set with a key.

Product Information:

When is the face mask used?

The face mask is introduced into orthodontic treatment in cases of insufficient maxillary growth causing a condition known as an anterior crossbite.

The best treatment results for bite malocclusions are achieved in patients aged 7 to 12.

In most cases, the use of the face mask is associated with the application of a palatal expander.

How does the face mask work?

The orthodontic mask's purpose is to stimulate maxillary development.

The mask consists of a metal arch anchored to the chin and forehead, to which rubber extraoral traction springs are attached using a centrally positioned crossbar. These springs, hooked to components of an intraoral fixed appliance, activate a force acting on the patient's maxilla, stimulating anterior maxillary development.

Proper adjustment of the appliance components and precise selection of the flexible springs' force are of significant importance.

How long is the face mask worn?

The duration of face mask application is determined by the treating orthodontist. Typically, the orthodontist recommends wearing the face mask for 2 hours per day and during sleep, so that the total mask wear time amounts to approximately 12 hours per day.

Usually, the treatment lasts around six months. The treatment duration and its effectiveness largely depend on the patient's diligence.

It's important to remember that the face mask is a part of orthodontic treatment and must be used according to the treating doctor's recommendations and under their supervision.

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