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  • Surgery instruments

    Surgical instruments

    Instruments used in surgery comprise a wide range of products that are an essential part of the work in most medical facilities, both nationally and internationally. During their usage, not only the high quality of each element matters but also the ergonomics of use. Such solutions must also meet high standards related to the safety of the patients.

    Familiarize yourself with our extensive assortment and gain confidence that you are choosing the best. Here, you will find a compilation of surgical tools - including names and pictures, as well as other important details. SOLIMED offers a selection of hundreds of products - divided into convenient and easy-to-navigate categories.

    Catalog, or what surgical instruments are waiting for you in our online store?

    Every day, we work to provide you with better, more comfortable, and safer working conditions. That's why in our offer, you will probably find everything your surgical practice might need, both for conducting simple procedures and for more complex and demanding surgeries. Among other things, in our assortment, you will find: needle holders, clamps for materials and vessels, numerous tips, surgical threads, scalpels, spreaders, bone rongeurs, and a whole range of surgical scissors.

    Surgical instruments - why it's worth it.

    Read on to discover key reasons why shopping on our online platform is a truly wise choice. Wide assortment of surgical instruments - our entire offer constitutes a base of up to several hundred solutions. For most of them, we maintain high stock levels to ensure that your order proceeds smoothly, and its fulfillment (along with delivery) takes a maximum of a few days. Access to very affordable prices - a rich product range combined with cooperation with trusted manufacturers and distributors. These aspects contribute to the fact that the prices in our store are also very attractive. Professional service of the online store - experienced specialists from SOLIMED are the icing on the cake. They are at your disposal all the time - to advise, provide necessary information, and answer any questions. Just get in touch with them!

    Surgical instruments - how to buy them and what else you will find at SOLIMED?

    Please note that products used in the work of surgeons are just one of many product groups that you will find in our online medical store. Apart from them, we also offer you convenient access, among others, to orthodontic and dental instruments, as well as a multitude of other solutions. To purchase surgical tools - use the convenient search engine and find the products you are looking for. Then add selected items to your cart and proceed to complete the entire transaction. Our service will ensure that the fulfillment of your order proceeds quickly, efficiently, and completely safely.

  • Microsurgry instruments

    Microsurgical Instruments

    Explore our catalog of specialized microsurgical instruments, with a particular focus on ophthalmic instruments. In our online store, you can find needle holders, scissors, and forceps measuring 180mm and 150mm in length.

    Castroviejo Series Instruments

    A special place in our inventory is reserved for the precise Castroviejo series instruments. These tools are 140mm in length and are perfect for procedures that require maximum precision. We offer both straight and curved Castroviejo instruments.

    Instruments with TC Sintered Carbide Inserts

    The working part of the needle holder and scissors can be made with sintered carbide, significantly enhancing the tool's durability and precision.

    Microsurgical Instrument Set

    To meet the expectations of our customers, we have prepared special microsurgical tool sets in a sterilization cassette. The set includes a Castroviejo needle holder, scissors, and forceps. We offer this set at an attractive price. Feel free to explore the details of our offer.

  • Dental instruments

    Dental Instruments

    Professional dental instruments are essential equipment in any clinic that provides services related to the care, protection, and treatment of patients' teeth. Check out our solutions and ensure that you surround your clients with high safety standards. Personally, you benefit from ergonomic instruments that enhance the quality and efficiency of your daily work.
    In the SOLIMED store, a wide selection of hundreds of proven products awaits you, conveniently divided into intuitive categories.

    What Dental instrumets Can You Find in Our Store?

    The online SOLIMED store offers a broad range of products. You can find practically everything you might need to ensure the smooth operation of your clinic or even an entire dental practice. Among our assortment, you will find instruemnts for use in dentistry, including but not limited to: extraction forceps, excavators, elevators, curettes, applicators, clamps, mirrors, knives, carriers, spreaders, explorers, spoons, spatulas, condensers, syringes, probes, scalers, and even complete diagnostic sets.
    To explore all available products and learn more about them, click on the images or names listed on this page.

    Dental instruments Used in Dentistry. Why Opt for Them?

    Here are some of the main advantages that make shopping in our store a truly excellent choice for you:

    Impressive Selection of Dental instruments - we offer nearly hundreds of diverse solutions. Each item is stocked to ensure a secure inventory level, enabling us to handle even the most complex orders efficiently.

    Attractive Prices for the Entire Range - a wide selection combined with access to a network of reliable producers and distributors results in exceptionally reasonable prices for individual dental tools.

    Professional and Reliable Customer Service - our online store is supported by experienced specialists at SOLIMED. If you want to learn specific details about dental instruments or have any questions, feel free to reach out via email or phone.

    Dental instruments – How to Purchase and What Else Awaits You at SOLIMED?

    Remember that in addition to products used in dental clinics, we also provide access to many other solutions. You can find surgical instruments, as well as a full range of orthodontic accessories.
    To order dental equipment for professionals, simply search for the desired products, add them to your cart, and complete the transaction (providing your details and making the payment). Our online service team will ensure the smooth processing and safe, expedited delivery straight to the address you specify.

  • Implantology instruments

    Implantology Instruments

    The absence of teeth is not only an aesthetic but also a health issue. Tooth loss can lead to the displacement, loosening, and tilting of neighboring teeth, bone loss, and gum recession. However, the loss of natural teeth doesn't have to be associated with discomfort and self-consciousness while speaking and smiling. Modern implantology offers a chance to restore a beautiful smile for those suffering from dental gaps. Professional implantology requires the use of specialized implantology tools. In the SOLIMED online dental supply store, you can find a wide range of implantology accessories.

    What does implantology involve?

    Implantology is a branch of dentistry focused on restoring lost teeth due to decay, trauma, accidents, or congenital defects. Implants, inserted in the place of missing teeth, are used in dental implantology to support dental restorations. Implants are placed in the maxillary or mandibular bone, effectively replacing tooth roots. Dental prosthetics can then be attached to the implants. Implants allow the restoration of a beautiful smile and the restoration of normal chewing function. Implant treatment provides lasting and natural results.

    Implantology Instruments in the SOLIMED Medical Store

    Performing effective implantology treatment requires precise diagnosis of the patient's oral condition, necessary measurements, and preparatory procedures. Good implantology instruments are therefore extremely useful during treatment and often determine its success. Our online dental store offers a wide selection of instruments for implant-supported dental restorations. If your practice specializes in implantology, you will find high-quality implantology accessories with us, enabling you to perform implant procedures.

    In the SOLIMED dental supply store, you can find professional straight and curved implant gauges that allow for accurate measurements of the structures of the patient's oral cavity. The straight Castroviejo implant gauge has universal applications in prosthetics. With it, various structures such as facial-jaw structures, bones, muscles, and joints can be measured and marked. The gauge has a special lock that allows locking the tool during measurement. We also offer a professional bone nibbler for sinuses, which allows for bone splitting and removal of bone tissue. Other implantology accessories are also available, such as implant bowls for bone or surgical implant hammers. Implant bowls are equipped with a rubber base, providing good grip and stability. Surgical implant hammers in the SOLIMED dental supply store – designed for preparing the foundation for implants – are fully compatible with chisels used in dental offices.

    The implantology tools in the SOLIMED store will provide you with easy and precise work. They are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, guaranteeing long life. Additionally, they can be subjected to multiple sterilizations.

    SOLIMED Dental Store – Best Products for Dentists and Physicians

    If you are looking for professional dental office equipment, the SOLIMED online medical store is the place created just for you. In our dental product database, you will find all the necessary accessories and instruments used in modern dentistry. We offer various product categories: orthodontic accessories, dental materials, dental accessories, endodontic tools, prosthetic tools, surgical instruments, dental drills, and more. In our assortment, you will also find surgical threads, medical equipment, and products for disinfection and hygiene. The SOLIMED online dental store offers only the highest quality products, characterized by durability, safety, and ease of use. Thanks to our wide range, every dentist can choose dental supplies perfectly tailored to the range of services provided and the budget.

    The SOLIMED online dental store also guarantees professional customer service. We care about the satisfaction of our customers, so we ensure that all orders are processed quickly and professionally. The SOLIMED online store staff is always ready to help customers. We are happy to provide advice when choosing the right dental accessories and instruments. In case of any questions, we clarify all doubts. By using our services, you can be sure that you will receive what you really need.

    In the SOLIMED online dental store, the best medical products await you at attractive prices. If you want to minimize unnecessary expenses, with us, you can take advantage of sales and promotions. Don't hesitate – explore our offer and find dental equipment that will make your daily work in the office easier.

  • Endodontic instruments

    Endodontic Instruments

    Deep decay and inflammation of the dental pulp do not necessarily lead to tooth extraction. Modern endodontics offers a chance to save teeth that are not suitable for standard conservative treatment. However, endodontic treatment poses a significant challenge for dentists. Endodontics requires great precision on the part of the dentist. To ensure the success of the treatment, the dentist must have properly selected endodontic instruments. In the online dental store SOLIMED, dentists can find the necessary instruments for endodontic treatment.

    What is Endodontic Treatment?

    Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and periapical tissues. The primary method used in endodontic treatment is root canal therapy. Endodontic treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp from the tooth canals and chamber, followed by disinfection and sealing of the canals. After root canal treatment, it is necessary to reconstruct the tooth crown. Endodontics allows avoiding tooth extraction. Teeth with cavities deep enough to cause irreversible pulp inflammation qualify for endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment can be performed manually or mechanically. In difficult cases, microscopic endodontic treatment is also applied, providing the highest precision to endodontists. After root canal treatment, teeth can serve the patient for many years.

    Endodontic Instruments at SOLIMED

    During root canal treatment, the dentist must demonstrate high precision. To ensure the success of the treatment, precise cleaning and sealing of the canals are necessary. Professional endodontic instruments assist in the proper preparation of the canals.

    Endodontic instruments are designed to work in root canals. They help in locating and probing the canals. Endodontic instruments are also used to shape root canals, assisting in widening canal openings, irrigating canals, and introducing filling materials and medications. Some of the most popular endodontic instruments include pulp testers, endodontic explorers, spreaders, pluggers, needles, and condensers.

    The online dental store SOLIMED offers high-quality endodontic instruments that facilitate the dentist's work and ensure the success of the entire endodontic treatment. In our product range, you can find endodontic condensers made of stainless steel. Our endodontic instruments are available in various shapes, making it easy to adapt them to the needs of patients. Endodontic condensers in the SOLIMED online dental store are designed for vertical (apical) gutta-percha condensation. They have a blunt-ended needle shape, with the tip set at an angle to the handle.

    High-quality endodontic instruments prevent failures during root canal treatment. They are lightweight and comfortable to use. Endodontic instruments in the SOLIMED dental supply store enable easy maneuvering in the oral cavity, deep penetration of root canals, and ensure patient safety during endodontic treatment. Additionally, endodontic instruments can be sterilized, allowing for their repeated use during root canal treatment procedures in the dental office.

    SOLIMED Dental Supply Store — Rich Product Offering

    Properly equipping a dental office has a significant impact on the quality of performed procedures, the dentist's work comfort, and patient satisfaction. That is why all dental materials and accessories should be of high quality.

    The online dental store SOLIMED offers a wide range of dental products from various categories. In addition to endodontic instruments, we provide orthodontic instruments, implantology instruments, dental drills, laboratoty instruments, scissors, forceps, dental materials, and more. Our extensive product range in the SOLIMED online medical store allows for easy and quick selection of the right products. If you are looking for professional dental instruments, we invite you to explore our offering.

    In our online dental store, every customer can also rely on professional service. Our staff is happy to provide advice on the purchase of dental accessories and help match them to the needs and budget of the dental office. They are always available to answer any questions. We make every effort to ensure that all orders are processed as quickly as possible. The SOLIMED dental supply store is also a place where you can make purchases at attractive prices. If you want to minimize expenses in your dental office, you can take advantage of numerous discounts and promotions with us.

  • Otorhinolaryngological...

    Laryngological Tools

    Laryngological diseases can cause significant discomfort and negatively impact the overall functioning of the body. Professional laryngological examinations allow for the rapid detection of potential problems and the implementation of appropriate treatment. In the medical supply store SOLIMED, you can find high-quality laryngological tools that facilitate conducting examinations and procedures in the field of laryngology.

    What does laryngology involve?

    Laryngology is a medical discipline dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the oral cavity, throat, larynx, nose, ears, and paranasal sinuses. Areas of interest in laryngology also include hearing, speech, and balance disorders. Reasons for visiting a laryngologist include persistent cold, hoarseness, persistent sore throat, hearing problems, ear pain, snoring, nosebleeds, dizziness, breathing problems, swallowing disorders, and disturbances in smell or taste.

    Laryngologists treat conditions such as ear infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis, Meniere's disease, and nasal polyps. In the doctor's office, minor laryngological procedures are often performed, such as sinus rinsing, earwax removal, or the extraction of foreign bodies from the nose. A professional laryngological examination includes a detailed interview, throat examination with a mirror, nasal endoscopy, assessment of lymph nodes and salivary glands, otoscopy, and laryngeal examination. For precise diagnostics and procedures, a laryngological office must have professional laryngological tools.

    Laryngological Tools in the SOLIMED Medical Store

    In the SOLIMED medical store, various tools and accessories for laryngologists are available. We offer laryngological tools in different sizes for examinations and procedures in the medical office. Our medical equipment store SOLIMED offers Vienna and Killian nasal laryngological mirrors, which enable examination of the nasal cavity and laryngological procedures. Thanks to the high quality of these nasal mirrors, the nasal sinuses, nasal cavity, and nasal mucosa can be accurately assessed. Such laryngological tools in our online store are available in various sizes, making it easy to choose them for the nasal cavity size of each patient.

    We also offer laryngological mirrors for examinations of the oral cavity, throat, and larynx. Laryngological mirrors enlarge structures in the oral cavity, providing good visibility even in hard-to-reach places. In our assortment, you will also find laryngological tools for performing procedures, such as Lucae and Troeltsch laryngological forceps and Hartmann forceps (alligators). Available in the SOLIMED medical store, laryngological forceps allow for precise, secure, and safe tissue grasping. Their shape is specially adapted to the structure of the oral cavity, providing the doctor with great comfort during work. In the SOLIMED online medical store, you can also purchase professional Hartmann forceps, known as alligators, which allow for the removal of polyps and foreign bodies from the ears or nose. Thanks to the appropriate length, the alligators enable the doctor to comfortably perform laryngological procedures.

    Our medical products are made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials (stainless steel). They can be easily sterilized, making them completely safe for the health of patients. Laryngological accessories available in the SOLIMED medical store facilitate the daily work of laryngologists and allow for the precise, safe, and comfortable performance of all procedures for patients.

    Online Medical Store SOLIMED — a rich selection of accessories for doctors

    SOLIMED is a professional online medical store with a rich assortment for medical facilities and dental offices. In the wide range of dental and medical products, you can find surgical tools, dental drills, dental materials, surgical threads, orthodontic accessories, endodontic tools, and medical equipment. The extensive assortment of our online medical store SOLIMED allows for the selection of medical office equipment tailored to the scope of offered services, patient needs, and the financial capabilities of the clinic.

    The dental and medical supply store offers products made of safe and durable materials that are resistant and comfortable to use. Our medical equipment and accessories allow for the comfortable performance of examinations and procedures for patients.

    The online dental store SOLIMED also guarantees professional customer service. We offer expert assistance in selecting the best medical equipment. Our customers can also rely on fast order fulfillment. In our range of medical accessories, you can find products at attractive prices. Online medical store customers can also take advantage of sales and promotions. We encourage you to take advantage of the SOLIMED online offer and purchase medical accessories that will improve the operation of your medical office.

  • Dental Laboratory...

    Dental Laboratory instruments

    Prosthetics allow for the restoration of a beautiful smile for individuals who have lost their natural teeth. Thanks to modern dental instruments, it is possible to precisely fill dental gaps and recreate patients' natural dentition using dental prostheses. The online dental supply store SOLIMED offers a wide range of laboratory instruemnts to facilitate work in dental offices.

    What does prosthetics involve?

    Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on restoring damaged or lost teeth. Prosthetic work is centered around filling dental gaps and restoring the natural functions of the chewing organ. Prosthetic treatment is typically implemented when conservative treatment is not feasible. Prosthodontists assist individuals with congenital dental deficiencies, post-accident or illness cases, or those with bite abnormalities.

    Modern dental prosthetics utilize knowledge from dentistry, orthodontics, otolaryngology, and oral surgery. This interdisciplinary approach allows for procedures that best meet the diverse needs of patients. Prosthetic replacements are often applied after root canal treatment, in cases of fractures, chips, tooth discoloration, or after the extraction of permanent teeth. Prosthetic treatment may also be combined with orthodontic care.

    Prosthetic services are not only utilized by older individuals but increasingly by the younger population, especially those concerned with the aesthetics of their smiles. Dental prosthetics also prevent adverse changes resulting from tooth loss, such as teeth tilting, bone loss, and chewing function disorders. Dental offices employ various prosthetic replacements, such as veneers, bridges, crowns, or dentures. The effectiveness and precision of prosthetic work, as well as the achieved visual results, are significantly influenced by professional prosthetic instruments.

    Dental Laboratory instruments for Dentists at SOLIMED Store

    The dental supply store SOLIMED offers professional laboratory instruemnts for prosthodontists. Our range includes various prosthetic tools that facilitate precise fillings. The online dental store SOLIMED offers prosthetic impression trays, full arch steel impression trays, casting ring pliers, wax knives, gypsum knives, metal thickness gauges, modeling instruments, wax thickness gauges, and Centraliss prosthetic articulators.

    Precise modeling instruments enable the creation of different composite fillings and the filling of gaps. Wax and gypsum knives allow for the modeling of prosthetic materials and the preparation of models. Various types of impression trays allow specialists to take impressions of the jaw and palate, essential for prosthetic work. The prosthetic impression trays in the SOLIMED online store are available in several sizes, catering to different patients. Our range of metal and wax thickness gauges, with accurate gradations, enables precise measurements in the prosthetic office. Casting ring pliers assist in safely gripping hot rings and manipulating them. In the SOLIMED dental store, prosthodontists will also find Centraliss prosthetic articulators, allowing the imitation of patients' articulatory movements.

    Our dental instruemnts are ergonomic, user-friendly, and made from high-quality, durable materials. This ensures that prosthetic work is significantly easier, more precise, and comfortable. Prosthetic tools available at the SOLIMED online store provide dentists with great comfort during their work. They do not slip from hands and ensure a secure grip, allowing for the precise fitting of prosthetic replacements and dentures to meet patients' needs. Prosthetic tools can be sterilized, making them suitable for multiple uses. Proper prosthetic tools enable the achievement of incredibly natural, durable, and aesthetic results, leading to patient satisfaction.

    Dental Lab Equipment — Explore SOLIMED Store's Offer

    The SOLIMED dental supply store is the ideal place for every dental professional. With a rich range of dental products, every dentist can find what they need. Our wide selection of dental accessories allows for the customization of products to patients' needs, clinic requirements, and financial capabilities.

    We offer high-quality dental equipment. In addition to dental laboratory instruemnts, our assortment includes orthodontic accessories and instruemnts, dental materials, endodontic tools, implantology tools, and other dental accessories.

    The online SOLIMED dental store ensures professional customer service. Our staff is always ready to provide expert advice when choosing dental office equipment. A significant advantage of our dental supply store is the quick order fulfillment. Additionally, our products for dentists are available at attractive prices. Customers can also take advantage of various promotions and sales. We invite you to explore the offerings of the SOLIMED online dental store, where you will find professional laboratory instruemnts and other accessories for dentists.

  • Scissors

    Medical Scissors – Various Types

    Surgical scissors are fundamental instruments in every medical office, regardless of specialization. The wide application of this instrument has led to the production of various types of scissors in terms of shape, length, and finishing. Our medical supply store has specialized in distributing surgical instruments for many years. On the webpages of our store, you will find a wide selection of scissors from brands such as Centraliss, Chifa, and Falcon.

    Surgical Scissors – Universal and Specialized

    We offer universal scissors with sharp or blunt ends, each available in two versions – straight and curved. Popular models like Iris and Kelly are also available in upward curved or angled versions. Additionally, our range includes specialized scissors designed for microsurgery and veterinary use. Our customers particularly appreciate our selection of ophthalmic scissors and a wide variety of dissecting scissors. New additions to our store include surgical scissors and TC-coated gingival scissors, such as Iris TC and LaGrange TC.

    Surgical Scissors - Centraliss Manufacturer Guarantees Quality

    Centraliss scissors come with a 24-month warranty. Twelve years of experience in manufacturing these medical instruments guarantee quality and precision. A large base of satisfied customers attests to our reliability.

    How to Sharpen Scissors?

    This is perhaps the most frequently asked question by our customers. Like any blade, scissor blades will eventually become dull. It's best not to let scissors become significantly blunt and to sharpen them frequently and regularly. The simplest method is sharpening using aluminum foil. Fold the foil several times to create a thicker layer and then simply cut it with your scissors. Use the entire length of the blade to sharpen the scissors evenly.

  • Tweezers

    Surgical, Anatomical, and Universal Tweezers

    The SOLIMED dental store offers you a wide selection of medical tweezers. Starting from typical surgical instruments such as the Adson anatomical tweezer or the Adson Micro surgical tweezer, to universal tweezers like Collage or Flagg. In our range, you will find precise tweezers from the microsurgery series and tweezers with locks useful in every clinic.

    What Sets Surgical Tweezers Apart from Anatomical Ones?

    The working part of surgical tweezers has small teeth, usually two on one arm and one on the opposite arm. They are positioned so that when the tweezers are closed, the tips mesh precisely. The teeth allow for a more secure grip on tissues, surgical threads, or other small items. This type of tweezer is commonly used during surgical procedures as the operator's primary instrument. Anatomical tweezers, on the other hand, have smooth working parts and are used mainly for delicate tissues such as small blood vessels, mucous membranes, or intestines.

    Universal Tweezers Suitable for Various Tasks

    The high quality and precision of the tweezers offered in our online dental store have expanded our customer base to include modelers, collectors, electronics technicians, and laboratory workers. Meeting our customers' expectations, we have introduced a series of large instruments for aquariums and tweezers for tick removal.


Narzędzia medyczne

W tym miejscu czeka na Ciebie kompleksowy wybór narzędzi przeznaczonych do zastosowania w różnych obszarach medycyny. W SOLIMED dajemy Ci dostęp do kilkuset produktów, wśród których łatwo znajdziesz to, co jest Ci akurat potrzebne.
Sprawdź ich nazwy, zdjęcia i zapoznaj się ze specyfiką, aby dokonać właściwego wyboru i zamówić odpowiednie narzędzia dla Twojej placówki medycznej.

Jakie narzędzia medyczne możesz zamówić u nas w sklepie online?

Oferta e-sklepu SOLIMED to pełna gama prawdziwie profesjonalnych rozwiązań, które łatwo dopasujesz do swojej specjalizacji oraz charakteru pracy Twojego gabinetu. Czekają tu na Ciebie między innymi:  
Narzędzia chirurgiczne i mikrochirurgiczne, czyli cała gama rozwiązań, do których możemy zaliczyć kleszcze, końcówki, nici, rozwieraki, igłotrzymacze, nożyczki, skalpele i wiele innych.  
Narzędzia stomatologiczne, protetyczne oraz endodontyczne, czyli szeroki wybór rozwiązań wykorzystywanych przed dentystów i nie tylko. W tym: sierpy, kleszcze, strzykawki, nożyki, przenośniki, lusterka, aplikatory, haki, poszerzacze, a nawet łyżki wyciskowe.  
Narzędzia laryngologiczne, do których zaliczamy lusterka, pęsety, kleszcze, czy choćby wzierniki.
W celu znalezienia konkretnego produktu - udaj się bezpośrednio do wybranej kategorii lub też wykorzystaj do tego celu funkcjonalną wyszukiwarkę.

Narzędzia dla medyków. Dlaczego warto?

Zapoznaj się z listą głównych powodów, które pozwolą Ci przekonać się, że zakupy w naszym profesjonalnym sklepie internetowym to doskonały wybór - także dla Ciebie!
Narzędzia dla wielu specjalistów medycyny - znajdziesz tutaj setki sprawdzonych rozwiązań, które łatwo dopasujesz do swojej specjalizacji.
Przystępne cenniki - na Twoją uwagę zasługują także atrakcyjne ceny, które pozwolą Ci zoptymalizować wydatki - jednocześnie nie tracąc na samej jakości kupowanych produktów medycznych.
Doradcy na wyciągnięcie ręki - wystarczy, że napiszesz lub zadzwonisz, a nasi eksperci z przyjemnością odpowiedzią na każde Twoje pytanie.

Medyczne narzędzia – jak kupić i jakie inne rozwiązania czekają w SOLIMED?

Zakupy w SOLIMED są bardzo proste i opierają się na 3 krokach. Na początek wystarczy, że znajdziesz narzędzia medyczne, których szukasz. Następnie dodasz je do koszyka, a w ostatnim etapie - uzupełnisz swoje dane i zapłacisz za zamówienie. Tylko tyle wystarczy, aby nasz zespół zajął się jego komplementacją oraz zadbał o szybki i bezpieczny transport – prosto pod wskazany przez Ciebie adres. Zapraszamy!