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  • Orthodontic Instruments

    Orthodontic Instruments

    Tools used in the field of orthodontics encompass an impressive array of products that aid in the effective, safe, and proper execution of various medical procedures. We encourage you to explore all the possibilities offered by our online store.

    On this page, you will find the products we offer, including their names, pictures, as well as descriptions of individual orthodontic instruments.

    What orthodontic instruments can you order through our online store?

    Orthodontics is one of the main specializations of our company. That's why we strive every day to provide you access to the best ones. Those characterized by high quality, excellent parameters, full functionality, and furthermore, are available at affordable prices.

    Within our store, we have a wide selection of orthodontic instruments, such as positioners, calipers, circles, pushers, as well as orthodontic and distal pliers, for removing rings, or even pliers for ligatures or separators.

    Tools dedicated to orthodontists. Discover their advantages and find out why it's worth it.

    Below, we present some of the main benefits that await you if you decide to purchase orthodontic tools through our online platform.

    • **Extensive Selection:** Our offer comprises several hundred products, which you can practically have "on hand." Just find them, add them to your cart, place the order, and we will ensure they reach you quickly and safely.
    • **Affordable Prices:** The wide range and appropriate stock levels of our solutions are also associated with the possibility of maintaining very attractive prices.
    • **Reliable Support:** Honest, friendly, and professional customer support. Just call or email, and the experts from SOLIMED medical store will gladly provide you with a quick and expert response.

    Orthodontic Instruments - How to Buy and What Else Awaits You at SOLIMED?

    You should know that tools used in orthodontics are just a part of the assortment group you will encounter in our online store. In addition to these products, you will also find dental, surgical, and many other tools.

    If you want to order them - use our convenient search engine now or go directly to the list of selected products. Once you find what you're looking for, add the orthodontic tools to your cart, fill in the necessary details, and complete your purchase. Our specialists will ensure the secure packaging of your shipment and then hand it over to the courier company to quickly reach your hands.

  • Orthodontic Wires

    Orthodontic Wires

    SOLIMED orthodontic store offers a wide selection of orthodontic archwires from the Centraliss brand. We provide all types of orthodontic arches in two shapes: Ovoid (Euro-Form) and Natural (Full-Form). The archwires are made using orthodontic wire with a diameter ranging from 12 to 20, and for rectangular arches with dimensions from 16x16 to 19x25. The foundation of the orthodontic appliance consists of stainless steel arches (SS - Stainless Steel) made from high-quality medical stainless steel. They are packed in sets of 10 pieces of the same size and shape.

    Nickel-Titanium Orthodontic Arche Wires - NiTi

    Definitely the most popular type of arch wires we offer to our customers at a very attractive price. They exhibit high flexibility and shape memory. We also offer nickel-titanium arches in white color (tooth-colored) - cosmetic arches.

    Thermal NiTi Archeswires

    A special type of nickel-titanium arches is thermal arches. The activation of arch properties occurs under the influence of the patient's oral cavity temperature. Very flexible, stable force application for a relatively long time.

    Nickel-Free TMA Arches Wires

    An important part of our offer includes beta-titanium archwires (titanium-molybdenum archwires). They have high elasticity and plasticity, allowing for the creation of more complex bends. They do not have shape memory, exerting a weaker force compared to stainless steel arches. The biggest advantage of TMA arches, however, is the absence of nickel in their composition, making them often the only alternative for patients allergic to this element.

    Other Types of Orthodontic Archwires

    Complementing our offer are RCS archwires (Reverse Curve of Spee), commonly known as Spee arches, cradle arches, or orthodontic cradle. Our range also includes straight sections of orthodontic wire for self-forming into arches. The sizes and types of wires are the same as those for ready-made arches.

  • Orthodontic Brackets

    Orthodontic Brackets

    Solimed offers a wide range of orthodontic brackets from the Centraliss brand. From standard metal brackets to innovative self-ligating sapphire brackets and ceramic self-ligating brackets, we have them all. All our products are available in both Roth and MBT systems.

    Metal Orthodontic Brackets - MIM Mini Monoblock

    Our most popular bracket model is the MIM Mini Monoblock. Made from high-quality medical stainless steel, these brackets have a low profile and undergo multiple polishing processes, ensuring high comfort for patients. The precisely meshed base provides a strong bond with enamel. The perfect shape is achieved through innovative metal injection molding (MIM) Monoblock technology. For our customers' convenience, we offer metal brackets with hooks on 3, 4, 5, hooks only on threes, or sets without hooks.

    Self-Ligating Orthodontic Brackets

    Centraliss Self-ligating brackets feature a self-ligating module design that minimizes patient discomfort. The ligature-free system saves valuable doctor's time and shortens patient treatment periods by allowing faster archwire changes and fewer follow-up appointments.

    Aesthetic Orthodontic Brackets

    Ceramic brackets are perfectly white brackets made from high-quality ceramic material, valued for their durability and resistance to the forces applied by the archwire. Centraliss Sapphire brackets are top-quality sapphire orthodontic brackets, particularly appreciated for their aesthetics. These transparent brackets are made from synthetic sapphire, ensuring the highest level of strength and transparency. They blend seamlessly with the tooth color, making the braces nearly invisible.

    Orthodontic Brackets Prices

    Centraliss brackets are of exceptionally high quality and offered at very attractive prices. We provide attractive discounts for our loyal customers, and all ordered products will be shipped to you within 24 hours. Fast delivery, highest quality, attractive prices. What more could you ask for? Try us out!

  • Elastomerics

    Orthodontic Elastics

    This category includes all flexible components of fixed orthodontic appliances, made from rubber and latex. It's crucial for orthodontic elastics to be made from high-quality latex to ensure consistent force throughout their usage period.

    Our orthodontic store offers a complete range of flexible products in various colors and sizes, guaranteeing the highest quality of our items.

    Orthodontic Ligatures - Wide Range of Colors

    The most popular group of elastomers is, of course, rubber orthodontic ligatures. These are the most visible elements in a fixed brace, so every patient wants them to look their best. Hence, we offer a wide range of ligature colors and the ease of their quick replacement. Our orthodontic ligatures are characterized by their durability and flexibility throughout their usage.

    Clear and white ligatures do not stain, and the colored ones retain their color during use. High quality guaranteed by the Centraliss brand.

    Orthodontic Power Chains

    Elastic chains are used instead of orthodontic ligatures and come in the same colors as popular orthodontic ligatures.

    Orthodontic chains are sold on a spool, containing 4.5 meters of elastomer. The chain comes in three sizes depending on the distance between each link: continuous, where links are directly connected, short, and long. Each size is available in a full range of colors identical to the ligatures.

    Wondering where to buy orthodontic chains? Solimed Dental Store is the perfect place!

    Orthodontic Elastics

    Elastic separators are the most frequently replaced element in a fixed orthodontic appliance. The necessity for frequent replacement of these bands means the patient has to take care of this element independently. Therefore, small pliers for separators, available in our store, are useful.

    Separators come in various sizes and thicknesses. We offer separators in three forces: heavy (6.4 OZ), medium (5 OZ), and light (3.5 OZ). These separators are available in sizes 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 inches. For convenience, each separator size is marked with an icon of a different animal - for example, 1/8 represents a chipmunk. The force is indicated by red, blue, or black color.

    Our orthodontic separators are made from high-quality latex.

    Orthodontic Separators

    Separators are rubber separators used at the initial stage of orthodontic treatment to create space for the placement of permanent orthodontic elements, such as orthodontic rings.

    In our store, we offer Centraliss brand elastic separators in an economical pack of 720 pieces. We also recommend pliers for applying separators from the Centraliss brand, which can be found in the orthodontic tools section.

    Elastic Orthodontic Thread

    Super elastic and stretchy orthodontic thread available in three sizes. An ideal aid in orthodontic treatment.

  • Orthodontic Accessories

    Orthodontic Accessories

    Orthodontic accessories are products used by dentists and orthodontists for diagnosing, treating, and maintaining the oral health of patients. We invite you to explore our online catalog to learn more about the products available in this category.

    What Orthodontic Accessories Do We Offer?

    Solimed offers a wide range of orthodontic accessories, including palatal photographic mirrors, lingual photographic mirrors, cheekside photographic mirrors, as well as essential mirror handles; face masks; various sizes of cheek retractors for photographs; orthodontic impression trays; appliance boxes, and hygiene kits.

    Why Use Orthodontic Accessories?

    Orthodontic accessories comprise a useful range of products that facilitate oral hygiene and the execution of dental and orthodontic procedures. They enhance the quality of orthodontic procedures and make both orthodontic treatments and oral hygiene simpler and more convenient.

  • Ligatures

    Orthodontic Ligatures and Steel Wires

    A dazzling smile is the dream of many individuals. To enjoy beautiful, straight teeth, orthodontic treatment is often necessary. Modern orthodontics allows for the correction of even complicated bite issues. The online dental store SOLIMED helps patients fulfill their dream of straight teeth. In a rich assortment of orthodontic accessories, you can find various elements for orthodontic appliances, such as orthodontic ligatures and steel wires, tailored to individual patient requirements.

    Orthodontic Ligatures — What Are They and When Are They Used?

    Orthodontic ligatures are small wires or rubber bands designed to properly secure orthodontic archwires in brackets. Ligatures are placed on the brackets of orthodontic appliances. The use of ligatures allows for the stabilization of archwires, influencing better results in orthodontic treatment.

    Steel Orthodontic Ligatures — Advantages

    Orthodontic ligatures for braces are often associated with colorful rubber bands, which are popularly displayed by teenagers undergoing orthodontic treatment. However, other types of ligatures can also be used during the wearing of orthodontic appliances. SOLIMED Dental Store offers metal ligatures as an alternative to rubber bands for orthodontic appliances.

    Steel orthodontic ligatures can be used throughout the entire orthodontic treatment or only at certain stages. Properly fitted metal ligatures are as comfortable for patients as rubber ones. Additionally, they allow for a strong pressing of the archwire onto the brackets, enabling the orthodontic appliance to exert a stronger influence on the teeth. Metal ligatures minimize friction. Therefore, steel ligatures are particularly helpful when significant tooth movement is necessary. A significant advantage of metal ligatures is their durability. They are extremely robust and resistant to damage.

    Types of Orthodontic Ligatures

    If you are looking for dental supplies, in the SOLIMED dental store, you will find everything necessary in modern orthodontics. To ensure high comfort during orthodontic treatment, we offer various types of metal ligatures. You will find short steel ligatures, Kobayashi ligatures, long steel ligatures, cosmetic ligatures (both short and long), and ligature wires. We also offer various types of orthodontic wires: edge-wise, braided, and round.

    Retainers — for Maintaining the Effects of Orthodontic Treatment

    Removing a fixed orthodontic appliance usually does not mark the end of orthodontic treatment. To achieve lasting results, the use of a retainer is essential. An orthodontic retainer, designed for individuals after bite correction, aims to keep the teeth in the desired position. This helps stabilize the teeth and prevent them from shifting undesirably. Retainer wires are mounted in the dental office on the inner side of the teeth. The duration of retainer wear must be tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

    Orthodontic Accessories in the SOLIMED Dental Store

    Orthodontics is one of the specialties of our medical store. In our assortment, in addition to orthodontic rubber and steel ligatures, retainers, and orthodontic wires, you will also find high-quality orthodontic tools, orthodontic pliers, orthodontic materials, orthodontic rings, and other useful accessories for those wearing orthodontic appliances. Our proposed accessories for orthodontic appliances are made from health-safe and durable materials. Additionally, our orthodontic ligatures are characterized by high user comfort. They can be easily tailored to the needs and dentition of patients, ensuring that orthodontic treatment is comfortable and trouble-free.

    The SOLIMED store for dental accessories guarantees a wide selection of orthodontic accessories. Our specialists are always ready to provide expert advice when choosing dental supplies. We ensure fast shipping and attractive prices.

  • Springs, buttons,...

    Springs, Buttons, Stoppers, Hooks, and More

    Modern orthodontics allows everyone to fulfill their dreams of straight teeth. Professional orthodontic accessories play a crucial role in correcting various bite irregularities. In the SOLIMED dental supply store, you will find a wide selection of springs, buttons, stoppers, orthodontic hooks, and other elements for orthodontic appliances.

    What Orthodontic Accessories are Available in the SOLIMED Medical Store?

    Correcting bite irregularities is a complex and often lengthy process that requires a dentist's knowledge, experience, and an individual approach to the patient's needs. Effective orthodontic treatment is also not possible without the proper equipment in the dental office. To address the issue of crooked teeth, a variety of tools and accessories are used in orthodontics. In this category at the SOLIMED dental supply store, you will find:

    • Orthodontic springs — designed to restore the correct alignment of teeth. Orthodontic springs are used to correct tilted, improperly erupted, or crowded teeth. Depending on the bite irregularity, different types of orthodontic springs such as rotating springs, separating springs, or torque springs are applied.

    • Orthodontic buttons — tongue buttons are used to connect various elements of the orthodontic appliance. We offer perforated tongue buttons, cosmetic buttons, and buttons with chains.

    • Orthodontic stoppers — stoppers on the arch serve as stabilizers, helping to maintain the correct position of the appliance. Orthodontic stoppers allow control over the movement of teeth.

    Additionally, in the SOLIMED online dental supply store, you can purchase other accessories for orthodontic appliances, including arch hooks, tongue spikes, clamp hooks, rotational wedges, arch tubes, and clasps.

    What to Consider When Choosing Orthodontic Accessories?

    When selecting orthodontic accessories, always consider the comfort of patients. Orthodontic appliance elements should be made of high-quality materials that do not quickly deteriorate and do not irritate the oral cavity. It is advisable to equip your dental office with various types of orthodontic accessories, allowing for a precise fit to individual patient needs and preferences.

    Also, do not forget about aesthetic considerations. An increasing number of people expect discreet orthodontics that does not cause discomfort and self-consciousness when smiling and speaking. Cosmetic orthodontic appliances and accessories are the answer to patients who prioritize aesthetics. These elements are inconspicuous and look very natural, blending with the teeth.

    SOLIMED Dental Supply Store — High-Quality Orthodontic Accessories

    To ensure fast and effective orthodontic treatment for patients, take advantage of the offerings from the online dental supply store SOLIMED. With a wide range of products, you can easily select the right orthodontic accessories for your dental office.

    In addition to springs, hooks, stoppers, and buttons, you will also find other essential accessories for orthodontic appliances and orthodontic tools. The SOLIMED online dental supply store offers, among other things, orthodontic brackets, steel ligatures, elastomers, cheek tubes, orthodontic rings, orthodontic organizers, orthodontic materials, and accessories for those wearing appliances.

    Our dental products are characterized by high quality, durability, and user convenience. The SOLIMED online dental supply store's customer service is always ready to provide professional assistance in choosing accessories for dentists. We also ensure that orders reach customers as quickly as possible. Dental supplies in our online store are available at attractive prices, and customers can also take advantage of additional discounts and promotions. We encourage you to explore the offerings of our SOLIMED medical store and purchase high-quality orthodontic accessories.

  • Orthodontic Bands

    Orthodontic Bands

    Solimed offers a comprehensive selection of Centraliss brand orthodontic bands. Our product catalog includes orthodontic bands in two systems: Roth and MBT. Centraliss orthodontic bands, regardless of the system, are available in two slots: 0.018 and 0.022.

    What Are Orthodontic Bands Used For?

    Orthodontic bands are orthodontic accessories used by orthodontists to provide stability and facilitate further orthodontic treatment. They serve as anchor points for brackets, wires, and other components of orthodontic appliances.

    Choosing Between MBT and Roth Systems

    The use of orthodontic bands in both the MBT and Roth systems aims to enable orthodontists to precisely control tooth movement and correct malocclusions. It's crucial for the bands to be accurately fitted to the patient's teeth and securely placed to ensure effective orthodontic treatment. It's important to note that the choice of a specific orthodontic system and treatment techniques depends on individual preferences and the patient's case. The orthodontist selects bands to achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

  • Buccal Tubes

    Buccal Tubes by Centraliss

    Solimed offers all buccal tubes from the Centraliss brand. In the orthodontic product catalog, buccal tubes are available in two systems: MBT and Roth. Regardless of the system, Centraliss orthodontic buccal tubes are provided in two slot versions: 0.018, 0.022. Buccal tubes can be purchased both in sets and individually.

    What Are Orthodontic Buccal Tubes?

    Orthodontic buccal tubes are accessories for fixed orthodontic appliances, shaped like tubular sleeves. They are placed on the back part of the dental arch, usually on the first or second molars.

    Why Use Orthodontic Buccal Tubes?

    Buccal tubes are used in orthodontic appliances to secure orthodontic archwires and other components of the orthodontic apparatus. They play a vital role in treating malocclusions, allowing orthodontists to control tooth movement and achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

  • Orthodontic Materials

    Orthodontic Materials

    Orthodontic treatment requires the use of specialized equipment, accessories, and materials to ensure a smooth therapeutic process. Our orthodontic wholesale store offers high-quality materials, highly regarded by specialists, essential for every clinic.

    Wide Range of Orthodontic Materials in One Place

    Our selection includes a wide range of orthodontic materials trusted by specialists. By ordering from our orthodontic wholesale store, you can quickly and legally equip your clinic with materials that allow you to perform daily work at the highest level.

    Orthodontic Impression Material

    Orthodontic appliances are always prepared after a series of examinations that illustrate the extent of the problem and malocclusion. To create an appliance, it is necessary to prepare a model—impression of the upper and lower jaws, which allows the technician to prepare a customized appliance tailored to individual needs. The model can be created using special alginate impression materials, which are properly placed in the patient's oral cavity. These materials are flexible and quickly set, making the impression process brief.

    The alginate impression materials available in our offer are entirely safe for the patient. Our orthodontic wholesale store offers products in packages of 450 g. The unique, dust-free formula makes using orthodontic materials convenient and trouble-free. Thanks to the modern powder formula, it blends perfectly with water.

    Orthodontic Adhesives and Bonding Materials for Brackets

    Fixed orthodontic appliances are directly attached to the teeth, with brackets being the foundation of the entire structure. These elements must be securely and durably attached, necessitating the use of special materials. Orthodontic adhesives and bonding materials for brackets are high-quality solutions designed for effective orthodontic therapy.

    In our orthodontic wholesale store, we offer adhesives that allow for a quick and solid connection of selected fragments. The significant advantage is ease of use, patient safety, and the ability to bond different materials.

    Orthodontic offices use various types of adhesives: chemical-cured and light-cured. Both solutions are characterized by high durability, making it possible to effectively bond metal, ceramic, and composite elements. A high-quality adhesive is a mandatory part of every orthodontic clinic's equipment.

    Orthodontic Band Cement

    The orthodontic supplies available in our wholesale store come from high-quality proposals from well-known and respected manufacturers. Orthodontic band cement allows for a secure attachment of elements. Light-cured composite-reinforced cement is available in convenient-to-use syringes of 2 g each. Order orthodontic cement with fluoride, gradually released to support the health and condition of teeth. The cement in our assortment is resistant to compression and exhibits high wear resistance.

  • Orthodontic Organizers
  • Patient Zone

    For those wearing orthodontic appliances.

    Orthodontic treatment is a special time for every patient. In order for the correction of bite irregularities to yield the expected results in the form of straight and beautiful teeth, strict cooperation between the orthodontist and the person wearing the appliance is necessary. During the alignment of teeth, proper oral hygiene is particularly important. To facilitate patients in taking care of their teeth, the online dental supply store SOLIMED offers a wide range of accessories for those wearing orthodontic appliances.

    What to remember when wearing orthodontic appliances?

    Straight teeth ensure a dazzling smile and boost confidence. It's no wonder that an increasing number of people, even in adulthood, choose to wear orthodontic appliances. Modern orthodontics allows for spectacular visual results and correction of even complex bite irregularities. While wearing orthodontic appliances, patients must, however, remember meticulous oral hygiene. The orthodontic appliance complicates dental cleaning, and food residues may accumulate between its components. All of this promotes the growth of bacteria, cavities, and the development of unsightly discolorations on the teeth. Improper oral hygiene can also lead to damage to the orthodontic appliance, necessitating additional visits to the orthodontist.

    During the wearing of orthodontic appliances, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the teeth, interdental spaces, and the appliance itself. It is also important to hygienically store and transport orthodontic accessories. Additionally, orthodontic treatment requires regular check-ups with the orthodontist and strict adherence to the doctor's recommendations.

    Accessories for those wearing orthodontic appliances

    types The professional dental supply store SOLIMED offers all the necessary accessories for those wearing orthodontic appliances. Our range includes orthodontic hygiene kits, containing special toothbrushes and dental floss, among other items. Thanks to them, maintaining oral hygiene will be much easier. The dental supply store also offers orthodontic wax, which prevents irritation of the oral mucosa by orthodontic appliance components.

    Among the orthodontic accessories we offer for those wearing orthodontic appliances are also orthodontic elastics. Wearing orthodontic elastics enables the precise alignment of teeth in the lower and upper arches, translating into the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. The assortment of the dental supply store SOLIMED also includes additional accessories for those wearing orthodontic appliances, such as orthodontic cases or applicators for orthodontic elastics.

    How to choose the right orthodontic accessories?

    The choice of additional accessories for orthodontic appliances is an individual matter, dependent on the type of bite irregularity, correction method, lifestyle (e.g., sports, travel), or personal preferences. In case of doubt, patients should consult with their orthodontist before making purchases at the SOLIMED dental supply store, who will undoubtedly help them find the right products.

    SOLIMED Online Dental Supply Store 

    The best orthodontic accessories In the online dental supply store SOLIMED, both doctors and patients will find all the necessary tools and orthodontic accessories. The rich range of dental products allows for their precise selection according to individual needs and expectations. The assortment of the online dental supply store SOLIMED includes, among other things, orthodontic brackets, orthodontic rings, ligatures and steel wires, elastomers, orthodontic organizers, and orthodontic springs. Our dental products are characterized by high quality, safety for patients' health, and user convenience.

    We place great emphasis on professional customer service. The employees of the dental supply store SOLIMED are always ready to assist in the selection of dental accessories. We ensure prompt order fulfillment. In the online dental supply store SOLIMED, customers can also benefit from attractive promotions and discounts. We invite you to explore our range of dental tools.


Akcesoria ortodontyczne

Akcesoria do ortodoncji to cały zestaw produktów pozwalających na prowadzenie procesów leczenia wad dotyczących zgryzu i problemów szczękowo-twarzowych, a także przeprowadzania zabiegów związanych z korekcją zębów. W naszej ofercie czeka na Ciebie kilkaset unikalnych produktów,pełniących rolę akcesorii ortodontycznych wśród których znajdziesz zarówno narzędzia, jak i wszelkie niezbędne materiały ortodontyczne.
Sprawdź asortyment e-sklepu SOLIMED i podejmij decyzję, jakie produkty staną się częścią wyposażenia również Twojego gabinetu.

Jakie typy akcesoriów wykorzystywanych w ortodoncji znajdziesz wewnątrz naszego sklepu online?

Naszym celem jest kompleksowe wspieranie specjalistów i lekarzy ortodontów. Właśnie dlatego każdego dnia staramy się, aby to w naszym sklepie mogli znaleźć wszystko, co jest im potrzebne do codziennej pracy. W ramach naszej oferty zapewniamy wygodny dostęp do niezbędnych narzędzi ortodontycznych, w tym: kleszczy, akcesoriów pomiarowych, a także wszelkich instrumentów ortodontycznych. Ponadto oferujemy również wszelkie akcesoria – takie, jak chociażby: łuki ortodontyczne i zamki ortodontyczne, rurki policzkowe, ligatury, sprężyny, guziczki, pierścienie, opakowania, a nawet ochraniacze oraz szczoteczki.
W celu znalezienia właściwej grupy produktów - udaj się bezpośrednio do konkretnej kategorii lub skorzystaj z poręcznej wyszukiwarki, która szybko i sprawnie pozwoli Ci dotrzeć do konkretnego asortymentu.

Akcesoria użytkowane przy zabiegach ortodontycznych. Poznaj ich atuty i Twoje korzyści.

Akcesoria ortodontyczne mają nie tylko poprawiać komfort pracy samych stomatologów, ale przede wszystkim - pozwalać na sprawne leczenie wad powstałych w uzębieniu ich pacjentów. Właśnie z tego względu na pierwszym miejscu zawsze stawiamy przede wszystkim na jakość oferowanych przez nas rozwiązań.
Znajdziesz u nas wyłącznie wysokiej jakości akcesoria do ortodoncji, które są trwałe oraz bezpieczne. Ponadto, za sprawną szerokiego asortymentu i współpracy z zaufanymi dostawcami, możemy Ci zaoferować bardzo atrakcyjne warunki cenowe.  
Z kolei zwieńczenie zalet naszego sklepu medycznego online stanowi jego obsługa. Dzięki jej doświadczeniu i fachowości, łatwo i szybko otrzymasz odpowiedź na każde swoje pytanie. Wystarczy, że się z nami skontaktujesz - zarówno telefonicznie, jak i mailowo.

Akcesoria ortodontyczne – informacje o sposobach zakupu oraz innych dostępnych produktach

Gdy już znajdziesz to, czego szukasz - dodaj wybrany asortyment do koszyka, przejdź dalej, aby uzupełnić dane do wysyłki i płatności, a następnie opłać swoje zamówienie. Nasz zespół sklepu SOLIMED dołoży wszelkich starań, aby zakupione materiały ortodontyczne dotarły do Ciebie w mgnieniu oka!
Weź pod uwagę, że oferta naszego sklepu sięga zdecydowanie dalej, niż tylko opisane powyżej - akcesoria ortodontyczne. Poza nimi znajdziesz tutaj również: akcesoria stomatologiczne, narzędzia chirurgiczne oraz wiele innych produktów.