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  • Needle Holders

    Surgical Needle Holder

    Our dental supply store offers a wide selection of surgical needle holders. We propose the universal Matchieu or Hegar needle holders, as well as specialized needle holders designed for microsurgery, veterinary procedures such as Castroviejo, Mayo, and Leschal. We offer surgical handles from Falcon, Chifa, and Centraliss brands.

    Matchieu Needle Holder – Universal Medical Tool

    We particularly recommend the Matchieu needle holder available in two sizes – 14cm and 17cm. Essential in every operating room. Highly valued as an orthodontic needle holder or dental needle holder.

    Needle Holder with Olsen-Hegar Scissors

    Perfect for procedures conducted without assistance. Precise tool allowing efficient completion of surgical sutures by cutting off unnecessary parts of the surgical thread.

    Which needle holder is best for the job?

    The answer is simple: the most comfortable one! When choosing a tool, pay attention to the type of grip and the total length of the tool, and match them to the size of your hands, as well as the required precision of work. Needle holders can have a grip similar to orthodontic pliers (with the whole hand) or similar to scissors (using two fingers – thumb and forefinger). The overall length of the tool will also affect the comfort and precision of work. We have needle holders available ranging from 12cm to 24cm in length.

  • Tissue Forceps
  • Vascular Forceps

    Vascular Forceps

    Explore our selection of high-quality vascular forceps designed for delicate and precise medical procedures. Our store offers a variety of vascular forceps, each crafted for specific tasks to ensure optimal performance and accuracy in surgeries.

    Straight Vascular Forceps

    Our straight vascular forceps are ideal for grasping and manipulating delicate tissues and blood vessels during surgical procedures. They come in various lengths and tip designs to accommodate different surgical needs.

    Curved Vascular Forceps

    Curved vascular forceps are specifically designed for procedures that require a curved reach. They provide enhanced visibility and access to targeted areas, making them indispensable tools in vascular surgeries and other intricate medical interventions.

    Choosing the Right Vascular Forceps

    When selecting vascular forceps, consider factors such as the length, curvature, and tip configuration. The choice depends on the specific surgical task and the surgeon's preference for maneuverability and control. Our range of vascular forceps ensures precision and reliability, enabling medical professionals to perform procedures with confidence and accuracy.

  • Suction tubes
  • Surgery Scissors
  • Bone Ronguers
  • Surgical scalpel
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Showing 1 - 24 of 100 items
Surgery instruments
Surgery instruments

Surgical instruments

Instruments used in surgery comprise a wide range of products that are an essential part of the work in most medical facilities, both nationally and internationally. During their usage, not only the high quality of each element matters but also the ergonomics of use. Such solutions must also meet high standards related to the safety of the patients.

Familiarize yourself with our extensive assortment and gain confidence that you are choosing the best. Here, you will find a compilation of surgical tools - including names and pictures, as well as other important details. SOLIMED offers a selection of hundreds of products - divided into convenient and easy-to-navigate categories.

Catalog, or what surgical instruments are waiting for you in our online store?

Every day, we work to provide you with better, more comfortable, and safer working conditions. That's why in our offer, you will probably find everything your surgical practice might need, both for conducting simple procedures and for more complex and demanding surgeries. Among other things, in our assortment, you will find: needle holders, clamps for materials and vessels, numerous tips, surgical threads, scalpels, spreaders, bone rongeurs, and a whole range of surgical scissors.

Surgical instruments - why it's worth it.

Read on to discover key reasons why shopping on our online platform is a truly wise choice. Wide assortment of surgical instruments - our entire offer constitutes a base of up to several hundred solutions. For most of them, we maintain high stock levels to ensure that your order proceeds smoothly, and its fulfillment (along with delivery) takes a maximum of a few days. Access to very affordable prices - a rich product range combined with cooperation with trusted manufacturers and distributors. These aspects contribute to the fact that the prices in our store are also very attractive. Professional service of the online store - experienced specialists from SOLIMED are the icing on the cake. They are at your disposal all the time - to advise, provide necessary information, and answer any questions. Just get in touch with them!

Surgical instruments - how to buy them and what else you will find at SOLIMED?

Please note that products used in the work of surgeons are just one of many product groups that you will find in our online medical store. Apart from them, we also offer you convenient access, among others, to orthodontic and dental instruments, as well as a multitude of other solutions. To purchase surgical tools - use the convenient search engine and find the products you are looking for. Then add selected items to your cart and proceed to complete the entire transaction. Our service will ensure that the fulfillment of your order proceeds quickly, efficiently, and completely safely.