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Orthodontic pliers
Orthodontic pliers

Welcome to our category dedicated to orthodontic pliers, essential tools in orthodontic practice that ensure precision and effectiveness in manipulating and shaping dental appliances.

At Solimed, a dental equipment store specializing in orthodontic supplies, we understand the importance of high-quality tools for dental professionals. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of orthodontic instruments that meet the highest quality standards.

Our range includes various types of orthodontic pliers, including:

Wire cutting pliers: Precision tools for trimming orthodontic wires, providing clean and sharp cuts without risking damage to other components of the appliance. The most popular models include distal cutting and straight cutting pliers.

Wire bending pliers: Profiled orthodontic pliers for bending, shaping, and adjusting wires, allowing orthodontists to precisely customize the appliance to meet the individual needs of the patient. Key pliers in this group include tweed orthodontic pliers, Weingart pliers, and Mathieu orthodontic pliers - excellent for bending wires, forming loops, shaping arches, and holding orthodontic wires.

Clasp forming pliers: Solid orthodontic pliers for secure and stable clamping of orthodontic appliance components such as hooks, stops, or springs, essential for maintaining the proper structure and functionality of orthodontic appliances.

Appliance removal pliers: Specialized tools for safe and effective removal of appliance elements, minimizing the risk of damage to tooth structure or the appliance. The most popular model is bracket removal pliers and ring removal pliers.

All our orthodontic pliers are made of high-quality premium German surgical steel, ensuring durability, precision, and user comfort. They are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the diverse needs of orthodontic practice.

With our products, you can be confident in performing every procedure with the highest precision and effectiveness, providing patients with the best orthodontic care.

Browse through our wide selection of high-quality orthodontic pliers today and choose the tools that will help you achieve excellent results in orthodontic practice.