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Orthodontic Materials
Orthodontic Materials

Orthodontic Materials

Orthodontic treatment requires the use of specialized equipment, accessories, and materials to ensure a smooth therapeutic process. Our orthodontic wholesale store offers high-quality materials, highly regarded by specialists, essential for every clinic.

Wide Range of Orthodontic Materials in One Place

Our selection includes a wide range of orthodontic materials trusted by specialists. By ordering from our orthodontic wholesale store, you can quickly and legally equip your clinic with materials that allow you to perform daily work at the highest level.

Orthodontic Impression Material

Orthodontic appliances are always prepared after a series of examinations that illustrate the extent of the problem and malocclusion. To create an appliance, it is necessary to prepare a model—impression of the upper and lower jaws, which allows the technician to prepare a customized appliance tailored to individual needs. The model can be created using special alginate impression materials, which are properly placed in the patient's oral cavity. These materials are flexible and quickly set, making the impression process brief.

The alginate impression materials available in our offer are entirely safe for the patient. Our orthodontic wholesale store offers products in packages of 450 g. The unique, dust-free formula makes using orthodontic materials convenient and trouble-free. Thanks to the modern powder formula, it blends perfectly with water.

Orthodontic Adhesives and Bonding Materials for Brackets

Fixed orthodontic appliances are directly attached to the teeth, with brackets being the foundation of the entire structure. These elements must be securely and durably attached, necessitating the use of special materials. Orthodontic adhesives and bonding materials for brackets are high-quality solutions designed for effective orthodontic therapy.

In our orthodontic wholesale store, we offer adhesives that allow for a quick and solid connection of selected fragments. The significant advantage is ease of use, patient safety, and the ability to bond different materials.

Orthodontic offices use various types of adhesives: chemical-cured and light-cured. Both solutions are characterized by high durability, making it possible to effectively bond metal, ceramic, and composite elements. A high-quality adhesive is a mandatory part of every orthodontic clinic's equipment.

Orthodontic Band Cement

The orthodontic supplies available in our wholesale store come from high-quality proposals from well-known and respected manufacturers. Orthodontic band cement allows for a secure attachment of elements. Light-cured composite-reinforced cement is available in convenient-to-use syringes of 2 g each. Order orthodontic cement with fluoride, gradually released to support the health and condition of teeth. The cement in our assortment is resistant to compression and exhibits high wear resistance.