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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Orthodontic Elastics

This category includes all flexible components of fixed orthodontic appliances, made from rubber and latex. It's crucial for orthodontic elastics to be made from high-quality latex to ensure consistent force throughout their usage period.

Our orthodontic store offers a complete range of flexible products in various colors and sizes, guaranteeing the highest quality of our items.

Orthodontic Ligatures - Wide Range of Colors

The most popular group of elastomers is, of course, rubber orthodontic ligatures. These are the most visible elements in a fixed brace, so every patient wants them to look their best. Hence, we offer a wide range of ligature colors and the ease of their quick replacement. Our orthodontic ligatures are characterized by their durability and flexibility throughout their usage.

Clear and white ligatures do not stain, and the colored ones retain their color during use. High quality guaranteed by the Centraliss brand.

Orthodontic Power Chains

Elastic chains are used instead of orthodontic ligatures and come in the same colors as popular orthodontic ligatures.

Orthodontic chains are sold on a spool, containing 4.5 meters of elastomer. The chain comes in three sizes depending on the distance between each link: continuous, where links are directly connected, short, and long. Each size is available in a full range of colors identical to the ligatures.

Wondering where to buy orthodontic chains? Solimed Dental Store is the perfect place!

Orthodontic Elastics

Elastic separators are the most frequently replaced element in a fixed orthodontic appliance. The necessity for frequent replacement of these bands means the patient has to take care of this element independently. Therefore, small pliers for separators, available in our store, are useful.

Separators come in various sizes and thicknesses. We offer separators in three forces: heavy (6.4 OZ), medium (5 OZ), and light (3.5 OZ). These separators are available in sizes 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 inches. For convenience, each separator size is marked with an icon of a different animal - for example, 1/8 represents a chipmunk. The force is indicated by red, blue, or black color.

Our orthodontic separators are made from high-quality latex.

Orthodontic Separators

Separators are rubber separators used at the initial stage of orthodontic treatment to create space for the placement of permanent orthodontic elements, such as orthodontic rings.

In our store, we offer Centraliss brand elastic separators in an economical pack of 720 pieces. We also recommend pliers for applying separators from the Centraliss brand, which can be found in the orthodontic tools section.

Elastic Orthodontic Thread

Super elastic and stretchy orthodontic thread available in three sizes. An ideal aid in orthodontic treatment.