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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 items
Dental instruments
Dental instruments

Dental Instruments

Professional dental instruments are essential equipment in any clinic that provides services related to the care, protection, and treatment of patients' teeth. Check out our solutions and ensure that you surround your clients with high safety standards. Personally, you benefit from ergonomic instruments that enhance the quality and efficiency of your daily work.
In the SOLIMED store, a wide selection of hundreds of proven products awaits you, conveniently divided into intuitive categories.

What Dental instrumets Can You Find in Our Store?

The online SOLIMED store offers a broad range of products. You can find practically everything you might need to ensure the smooth operation of your clinic or even an entire dental practice. Among our assortment, you will find instruemnts for use in dentistry, including but not limited to: extraction forceps, excavators, elevators, curettes, applicators, clamps, mirrors, knives, carriers, spreaders, explorers, spoons, spatulas, condensers, syringes, probes, scalers, and even complete diagnostic sets.
To explore all available products and learn more about them, click on the images or names listed on this page.

Dental instruments Used in Dentistry. Why Opt for Them?

Here are some of the main advantages that make shopping in our store a truly excellent choice for you:

Impressive Selection of Dental instruments - we offer nearly hundreds of diverse solutions. Each item is stocked to ensure a secure inventory level, enabling us to handle even the most complex orders efficiently.

Attractive Prices for the Entire Range - a wide selection combined with access to a network of reliable producers and distributors results in exceptionally reasonable prices for individual dental tools.

Professional and Reliable Customer Service - our online store is supported by experienced specialists at SOLIMED. If you want to learn specific details about dental instruments or have any questions, feel free to reach out via email or phone.

Dental instruments – How to Purchase and What Else Awaits You at SOLIMED?

Remember that in addition to products used in dental clinics, we also provide access to many other solutions. You can find surgical instruments, as well as a full range of orthodontic accessories.
To order dental equipment for professionals, simply search for the desired products, add them to your cart, and complete the transaction (providing your details and making the payment). Our online service team will ensure the smooth processing and safe, expedited delivery straight to the address you specify.