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Dental accessories

Dental Accessories

Dental accessories comprise a broad category of products and small materials that are practically indispensable for any dental specialist. Most of them are single-use solutions, and their use enhances not only the convenience for dental professionals but, more importantly, ensures the comfort, hygiene, and safety of patients. Familiarize yourself with the dental products available in the assortment of our online store, SOLIMED, and then decide which ones will also be part of your medical facility.

What types of dental accessories can you order through our online store?

Our assortment can be divided into two main groups. The first group includes all kinds of polishing materials, which are primarily used for dental care services. These include items such as disks, rubber wheels, abrasive strips, sandpapers, brushes, as well as plates and polishing pastes.

The second group of products consists of various small accessories used in all or at least most dental procedures. Their purpose is to ensure the highest level of sterility and hygiene, as well as to protect both dentists and their patients. In this group, you'll find products such as applicators, cups, trays, mixing tips, matrices, dental rolls, sterilization accessories, as well as those used during X-ray procedures.

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Dental accessories used in dentistry. Learn why it's worth it.

Dental accessories that you can purchase through the SOLIMED online service offer not only a wide range of available solutions. While exploring our assortment, you will also notice attractive prices, which we can offer thanks to our ongoing collaboration with trusted manufacturers.

Furthermore, we provide you with professional support from our customer service, which you can reach out to whenever you need assistance. Just make a call or send a message, and we will gladly offer you professional assistance, answer your questions, and provide advice on the most suitable product solutions.

Dental accessories – stages of purchase and other products offered by SOLIMED

If you've already found the products that matter most to you, you can purchase them in three simple steps. Simply add them to your cart, complete the necessary information, and then finalize the entire transaction by making the payment. We will ensure that the dental accessories you've ordered reach you safely and quickly.

Remember that in addition to the above-mentioned solutions, you will also find many other product items in our online store that will allow you to efficiently equip your dental practice. These include dental materials, tools, and other necessary products.