Absorbable surgical sutures


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Absorbable surgical sutures
Absorbable surgical sutures

Soluble surgical sutures are a type of threads used in medicine, especially in surgery, which have the ability to dissolve or be absorbed by the patient's body over time. They are used for stitching wounds and closing tissues during operations.

There are several types of soluble surgical sutures, differing in the time it takes for them to be absorbed by the body. The most commonly used types are self-absorbing sutures or sutures metabolized by the patient's body. This works in a way that these sutures gradually lose their strength and structural properties, and then are absorbed or dissolved.

Soluble surgical sutures are used in various surgical cases, depending on the patient's needs, the type of surgery, and the area of the body undergoing the procedure. Below are some cases in which soluble surgical sutures are commonly used:

Abdominal procedures: Soluble sutures may be used for stitching internal layers of the abdomen during abdominal surgeries, such as operations on the intestines or reproductive organs.

Gynecological procedures: In gynecology, soluble sutures are popular for stitching after a cesarean section, as well as in other surgical procedures within the reproductive organs.

Cardiovascular procedures: In some cardiovascular surgical procedures, soluble sutures may be used for stitching blood vessels or transplanting vessels.

Plastic surgery procedures: In plastic surgery, soluble sutures may be used for stitching wounds, especially in the facial area, where aesthetics and minimizing visible stitches are important.

Orthopedic procedures: In some cases, soluble surgical sutures may be used in orthopedics for stitching periarticular tissues or tendons.

Dental procedures: In dental surgery, soluble sutures may be used for stitching wounds after tooth extraction or surgical procedures within the oral cavity.

Gastrointestinal procedures: In gastrointestinal surgery, soluble sutures are often used for stitching intestines after resection or other types of operations.

The use of soluble surgical sutures can eliminate the need for suture removal after the procedure, which is particularly beneficial in surgeries in hard-to-reach areas or in patients where removing stitches might be challenging. It also minimizes the risk of infection associated with the need to leave stitches for an extended period. However, the decision on the type of sutures depends on various factors, including the type of surgery, tissue type, healing time, and surgeon preferences.