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Medical Scissors – Various Types

Surgical scissors are fundamental instruments in every medical office, regardless of specialization. The wide application of this instrument has led to the production of various types of scissors in terms of shape, length, and finishing. Our medical supply store has specialized in distributing surgical instruments for many years. On the webpages of our store, you will find a wide selection of scissors from brands such as Centraliss, Chifa, and Falcon.

Surgical Scissors – Universal and Specialized

We offer universal scissors with sharp or blunt ends, each available in two versions – straight and curved. Popular models like Iris and Kelly are also available in upward curved or angled versions. Additionally, our range includes specialized scissors designed for microsurgery and veterinary use. Our customers particularly appreciate our selection of ophthalmic scissors and a wide variety of dissecting scissors. New additions to our store include surgical scissors and TC-coated gingival scissors, such as Iris TC and LaGrange TC.

Surgical Scissors - Centraliss Manufacturer Guarantees Quality

Centraliss scissors come with a 24-month warranty. Twelve years of experience in manufacturing these medical instruments guarantee quality and precision. A large base of satisfied customers attests to our reliability.

How to Sharpen Scissors?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question by our customers. Like any blade, scissor blades will eventually become dull. It's best not to let scissors become significantly blunt and to sharpen them frequently and regularly. The simplest method is sharpening using aluminum foil. Fold the foil several times to create a thicker layer and then simply cut it with your scissors. Use the entire length of the blade to sharpen the scissors evenly.