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Springs, buttons, cleats...
Springs, buttons, cleats...

Springs, Buttons, Stoppers, Hooks, and More

Modern orthodontics allows everyone to fulfill their dreams of straight teeth. Professional orthodontic accessories play a crucial role in correcting various bite irregularities. In the SOLIMED dental supply store, you will find a wide selection of springs, buttons, stoppers, orthodontic hooks, and other elements for orthodontic appliances.

What Orthodontic Accessories are Available in the SOLIMED Medical Store?

Correcting bite irregularities is a complex and often lengthy process that requires a dentist's knowledge, experience, and an individual approach to the patient's needs. Effective orthodontic treatment is also not possible without the proper equipment in the dental office. To address the issue of crooked teeth, a variety of tools and accessories are used in orthodontics. In this category at the SOLIMED dental supply store, you will find:

  • Orthodontic springs — designed to restore the correct alignment of teeth. Orthodontic springs are used to correct tilted, improperly erupted, or crowded teeth. Depending on the bite irregularity, different types of orthodontic springs such as rotating springs, separating springs, or torque springs are applied.

  • Orthodontic buttons — tongue buttons are used to connect various elements of the orthodontic appliance. We offer perforated tongue buttons, cosmetic buttons, and buttons with chains.

  • Orthodontic stoppers — stoppers on the arch serve as stabilizers, helping to maintain the correct position of the appliance. Orthodontic stoppers allow control over the movement of teeth.

Additionally, in the SOLIMED online dental supply store, you can purchase other accessories for orthodontic appliances, including arch hooks, tongue spikes, clamp hooks, rotational wedges, arch tubes, and clasps.

What to Consider When Choosing Orthodontic Accessories?

When selecting orthodontic accessories, always consider the comfort of patients. Orthodontic appliance elements should be made of high-quality materials that do not quickly deteriorate and do not irritate the oral cavity. It is advisable to equip your dental office with various types of orthodontic accessories, allowing for a precise fit to individual patient needs and preferences.

Also, do not forget about aesthetic considerations. An increasing number of people expect discreet orthodontics that does not cause discomfort and self-consciousness when smiling and speaking. Cosmetic orthodontic appliances and accessories are the answer to patients who prioritize aesthetics. These elements are inconspicuous and look very natural, blending with the teeth.

SOLIMED Dental Supply Store — High-Quality Orthodontic Accessories

To ensure fast and effective orthodontic treatment for patients, take advantage of the offerings from the online dental supply store SOLIMED. With a wide range of products, you can easily select the right orthodontic accessories for your dental office.

In addition to springs, hooks, stoppers, and buttons, you will also find other essential accessories for orthodontic appliances and orthodontic tools. The SOLIMED online dental supply store offers, among other things, orthodontic brackets, steel ligatures, elastomers, cheek tubes, orthodontic rings, orthodontic organizers, orthodontic materials, and accessories for those wearing appliances.

Our dental products are characterized by high quality, durability, and user convenience. The SOLIMED online dental supply store's customer service is always ready to provide professional assistance in choosing accessories for dentists. We also ensure that orders reach customers as quickly as possible. Dental supplies in our online store are available at attractive prices, and customers can also take advantage of additional discounts and promotions. We encourage you to explore the offerings of our SOLIMED medical store and purchase high-quality orthodontic accessories.