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Dental Laboratory instruments
Dental Laboratory instruments

Dental Laboratory instruments

Prosthetics allow for the restoration of a beautiful smile for individuals who have lost their natural teeth. Thanks to modern dental instruments, it is possible to precisely fill dental gaps and recreate patients' natural dentition using dental prostheses. The online dental supply store SOLIMED offers a wide range of laboratory instruemnts to facilitate work in dental offices.

What does prosthetics involve?

Dental prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on restoring damaged or lost teeth. Prosthetic work is centered around filling dental gaps and restoring the natural functions of the chewing organ. Prosthetic treatment is typically implemented when conservative treatment is not feasible. Prosthodontists assist individuals with congenital dental deficiencies, post-accident or illness cases, or those with bite abnormalities.

Modern dental prosthetics utilize knowledge from dentistry, orthodontics, otolaryngology, and oral surgery. This interdisciplinary approach allows for procedures that best meet the diverse needs of patients. Prosthetic replacements are often applied after root canal treatment, in cases of fractures, chips, tooth discoloration, or after the extraction of permanent teeth. Prosthetic treatment may also be combined with orthodontic care.

Prosthetic services are not only utilized by older individuals but increasingly by the younger population, especially those concerned with the aesthetics of their smiles. Dental prosthetics also prevent adverse changes resulting from tooth loss, such as teeth tilting, bone loss, and chewing function disorders. Dental offices employ various prosthetic replacements, such as veneers, bridges, crowns, or dentures. The effectiveness and precision of prosthetic work, as well as the achieved visual results, are significantly influenced by professional prosthetic instruments.

Dental Laboratory instruments for Dentists at SOLIMED Store

The dental supply store SOLIMED offers professional laboratory instruemnts for prosthodontists. Our range includes various prosthetic tools that facilitate precise fillings. The online dental store SOLIMED offers prosthetic impression trays, full arch steel impression trays, casting ring pliers, wax knives, gypsum knives, metal thickness gauges, modeling instruments, wax thickness gauges, and Centraliss prosthetic articulators.

Precise modeling instruments enable the creation of different composite fillings and the filling of gaps. Wax and gypsum knives allow for the modeling of prosthetic materials and the preparation of models. Various types of impression trays allow specialists to take impressions of the jaw and palate, essential for prosthetic work. The prosthetic impression trays in the SOLIMED online store are available in several sizes, catering to different patients. Our range of metal and wax thickness gauges, with accurate gradations, enables precise measurements in the prosthetic office. Casting ring pliers assist in safely gripping hot rings and manipulating them. In the SOLIMED dental store, prosthodontists will also find Centraliss prosthetic articulators, allowing the imitation of patients' articulatory movements.

Our dental instruemnts are ergonomic, user-friendly, and made from high-quality, durable materials. This ensures that prosthetic work is significantly easier, more precise, and comfortable. Prosthetic tools available at the SOLIMED online store provide dentists with great comfort during their work. They do not slip from hands and ensure a secure grip, allowing for the precise fitting of prosthetic replacements and dentures to meet patients' needs. Prosthetic tools can be sterilized, making them suitable for multiple uses. Proper prosthetic tools enable the achievement of incredibly natural, durable, and aesthetic results, leading to patient satisfaction.

Dental Lab Equipment — Explore SOLIMED Store's Offer

The SOLIMED dental supply store is the ideal place for every dental professional. With a rich range of dental products, every dentist can find what they need. Our wide selection of dental accessories allows for the customization of products to patients' needs, clinic requirements, and financial capabilities.

We offer high-quality dental equipment. In addition to dental laboratory instruemnts, our assortment includes orthodontic accessories and instruemnts, dental materials, endodontic tools, implantology tools, and other dental accessories.

The online SOLIMED dental store ensures professional customer service. Our staff is always ready to provide expert advice when choosing dental office equipment. A significant advantage of our dental supply store is the quick order fulfillment. Additionally, our products for dentists are available at attractive prices. Customers can also take advantage of various promotions and sales. We invite you to explore the offerings of the SOLIMED online dental store, where you will find professional laboratory instruemnts and other accessories for dentists.