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Implantology instruments
Implantology instruments

Implantology Instruments

The absence of teeth is not only an aesthetic but also a health issue. Tooth loss can lead to the displacement, loosening, and tilting of neighboring teeth, bone loss, and gum recession. However, the loss of natural teeth doesn't have to be associated with discomfort and self-consciousness while speaking and smiling. Modern implantology offers a chance to restore a beautiful smile for those suffering from dental gaps. Professional implantology requires the use of specialized implantology tools. In the SOLIMED online dental supply store, you can find a wide range of implantology accessories.

What does implantology involve?

Implantology is a branch of dentistry focused on restoring lost teeth due to decay, trauma, accidents, or congenital defects. Implants, inserted in the place of missing teeth, are used in dental implantology to support dental restorations. Implants are placed in the maxillary or mandibular bone, effectively replacing tooth roots. Dental prosthetics can then be attached to the implants. Implants allow the restoration of a beautiful smile and the restoration of normal chewing function. Implant treatment provides lasting and natural results.

Implantology Instruments in the SOLIMED Medical Store

Performing effective implantology treatment requires precise diagnosis of the patient's oral condition, necessary measurements, and preparatory procedures. Good implantology instruments are therefore extremely useful during treatment and often determine its success. Our online dental store offers a wide selection of instruments for implant-supported dental restorations. If your practice specializes in implantology, you will find high-quality implantology accessories with us, enabling you to perform implant procedures.

In the SOLIMED dental supply store, you can find professional straight and curved implant gauges that allow for accurate measurements of the structures of the patient's oral cavity. The straight Castroviejo implant gauge has universal applications in prosthetics. With it, various structures such as facial-jaw structures, bones, muscles, and joints can be measured and marked. The gauge has a special lock that allows locking the tool during measurement. We also offer a professional bone nibbler for sinuses, which allows for bone splitting and removal of bone tissue. Other implantology accessories are also available, such as implant bowls for bone or surgical implant hammers. Implant bowls are equipped with a rubber base, providing good grip and stability. Surgical implant hammers in the SOLIMED dental supply store – designed for preparing the foundation for implants – are fully compatible with chisels used in dental offices.

The implantology tools in the SOLIMED store will provide you with easy and precise work. They are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, guaranteeing long life. Additionally, they can be subjected to multiple sterilizations.

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