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Orthodontic Ligatures and Steel Wires

A dazzling smile is the dream of many individuals. To enjoy beautiful, straight teeth, orthodontic treatment is often necessary. Modern orthodontics allows for the correction of even complicated bite issues. The online dental store SOLIMED helps patients fulfill their dream of straight teeth. In a rich assortment of orthodontic accessories, you can find various elements for orthodontic appliances, such as orthodontic ligatures and steel wires, tailored to individual patient requirements.

Orthodontic Ligatures — What Are They and When Are They Used?

Orthodontic ligatures are small wires or rubber bands designed to properly secure orthodontic archwires in brackets. Ligatures are placed on the brackets of orthodontic appliances. The use of ligatures allows for the stabilization of archwires, influencing better results in orthodontic treatment.

Steel Orthodontic Ligatures — Advantages

Orthodontic ligatures for braces are often associated with colorful rubber bands, which are popularly displayed by teenagers undergoing orthodontic treatment. However, other types of ligatures can also be used during the wearing of orthodontic appliances. SOLIMED Dental Store offers metal ligatures as an alternative to rubber bands for orthodontic appliances.

Steel orthodontic ligatures can be used throughout the entire orthodontic treatment or only at certain stages. Properly fitted metal ligatures are as comfortable for patients as rubber ones. Additionally, they allow for a strong pressing of the archwire onto the brackets, enabling the orthodontic appliance to exert a stronger influence on the teeth. Metal ligatures minimize friction. Therefore, steel ligatures are particularly helpful when significant tooth movement is necessary. A significant advantage of metal ligatures is their durability. They are extremely robust and resistant to damage.

Types of Orthodontic Ligatures

If you are looking for dental supplies, in the SOLIMED dental store, you will find everything necessary in modern orthodontics. To ensure high comfort during orthodontic treatment, we offer various types of metal ligatures. You will find short steel ligatures, Kobayashi ligatures, long steel ligatures, cosmetic ligatures (both short and long), and ligature wires. We also offer various types of orthodontic wires: edge-wise, braided, and round.

Retainers — for Maintaining the Effects of Orthodontic Treatment

Removing a fixed orthodontic appliance usually does not mark the end of orthodontic treatment. To achieve lasting results, the use of a retainer is essential. An orthodontic retainer, designed for individuals after bite correction, aims to keep the teeth in the desired position. This helps stabilize the teeth and prevent them from shifting undesirably. Retainer wires are mounted in the dental office on the inner side of the teeth. The duration of retainer wear must be tailored to the individual needs of the patient.

Orthodontic Accessories in the SOLIMED Dental Store

Orthodontics is one of the specialties of our medical store. In our assortment, in addition to orthodontic rubber and steel ligatures, retainers, and orthodontic wires, you will also find high-quality orthodontic tools, orthodontic pliers, orthodontic materials, orthodontic rings, and other useful accessories for those wearing orthodontic appliances. Our proposed accessories for orthodontic appliances are made from health-safe and durable materials. Additionally, our orthodontic ligatures are characterized by high user comfort. They can be easily tailored to the needs and dentition of patients, ensuring that orthodontic treatment is comfortable and trouble-free.

The SOLIMED store for dental accessories guarantees a wide selection of orthodontic accessories. Our specialists are always ready to provide expert advice when choosing dental supplies. We ensure fast shipping and attractive prices.