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Showing 1 - 24 of 61 items
Orthodontic Instruments
Orthodontic Instruments

Orthodontic Instruments

Tools used in the field of orthodontics encompass an impressive array of products that aid in the effective, safe, and proper execution of various medical procedures. We encourage you to explore all the possibilities offered by our online store.

On this page, you will find the products we offer, including their names, pictures, as well as descriptions of individual orthodontic instruments.

What orthodontic instruments can you order through our online store?

Orthodontics is one of the main specializations of our company. That's why we strive every day to provide you access to the best ones. Those characterized by high quality, excellent parameters, full functionality, and furthermore, are available at affordable prices.

Within our store, we have a wide selection of orthodontic instruments, such as positioners, calipers, circles, pushers, as well as orthodontic and distal pliers, for removing rings, or even pliers for ligatures or separators.

Tools dedicated to orthodontists. Discover their advantages and find out why it's worth it.

Below, we present some of the main benefits that await you if you decide to purchase orthodontic tools through our online platform.

  • **Extensive Selection:** Our offer comprises several hundred products, which you can practically have "on hand." Just find them, add them to your cart, place the order, and we will ensure they reach you quickly and safely.
  • **Affordable Prices:** The wide range and appropriate stock levels of our solutions are also associated with the possibility of maintaining very attractive prices.
  • **Reliable Support:** Honest, friendly, and professional customer support. Just call or email, and the experts from SOLIMED medical store will gladly provide you with a quick and expert response.

Orthodontic Instruments - How to Buy and What Else Awaits You at SOLIMED?

You should know that tools used in orthodontics are just a part of the assortment group you will encounter in our online store. In addition to these products, you will also find dental, surgical, and many other tools.

If you want to order them - use our convenient search engine now or go directly to the list of selected products. Once you find what you're looking for, add the orthodontic tools to your cart, fill in the necessary details, and complete your purchase. Our specialists will ensure the secure packaging of your shipment and then hand it over to the courier company to quickly reach your hands.