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Desinfection & hygiene

Medical disinfection, hygiene, and protection products

Disinfection, hygiene, and protection are fundamental pillars in the work of every healthcare professional (dentist, surgeon, and doctors of various specialties). Thanks to them, both patients and staff can feel comfortable and, most importantly, fully safe. Discover an impressive selection of products that will help you ensure complete protection for both your facility or medical practice employees and the patients who use your services.

What types of medical supplies await you online at SOLIMED?

Our assortment includes nearly hundreds of diverse products. This allows you to find a wide range of medical supplies, such as: Disinfectants, including trays, professional preparations, as well as accessories for sterilization, and a whole lot more. Hygiene products, including napkins, compresses, dental rolls, saliva ejectors, inserts, and many others. Protective equipment, including gloves, hygiene masks, shields and goggles, sleeves, and even complete sets of protective clothing for healthcare professionals and beyond. To discover the full list of materials you can use in your daily medical practice, please take a look at our product catalog and all available categories.

Protective, hygiene, and disinfection products. Why choose those from our store?

First and foremost, we prioritize the quality of the products we offer. Before they make their way into our store, each type of product undergoes rigorous selection to ensure that only those meeting strict criteria are chosen. As our customer, you receive nothing but the best, and at the most attractive prices possible. Some of the key advantages of our online store also include: A wide selection that allows you to find and order all (or at least most) products from one place. Professional support from our reliable and experienced team. Simply reach out to us via email or phone.

How to place an order for protective, disinfection, and hygiene products?

To purchase medical supplies, simply search for the products you need. In the next step, add them to your cart, and once you've finished your selection, complete the necessary information and make the payment. Our team will swiftly and professionally handle your order to ensure that the products you've purchased are delivered in just a few days. Remember that SOLIMED also offers other useful products. As part of our online store's activities, we provide access to tools, drills, and many other solutions.