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SOLIMED: High-Quality Dental Supplies Partner

SOLIMED is an innovative provider of high-quality dental supplies, leading the market with a professional approach to the needs of the dental industry. Our company has gained the trust of dentists through a rich offering of products and a commitment to delivering innovative solutions.

Wide Range of Dental Products

The SOLIMED dental store specializes in delivering diverse dental products, covering everything necessary for the smooth functioning of a dental office. Our assortment includes top-quality products such as orthodontic brackets, ligatures, elastomers, cheek tubes, orthodontic accessories, and many others that meet the highest industry standards.

Innovative Solutions for Professionals

In the pursuit of modern dental development, SOLIMED offers innovative solutions that help dentists achieve the best treatment results. Our products are carefully selected, ensuring not only effectiveness but also patient comfort and ease of use for medical personnel.

Fast Order Fulfillment

Understanding the needs of the dynamic dental industry, SOLIMED focuses on the swift fulfillment of orders. Thanks to an efficient delivery system, our clients can rely on timely delivery of the necessary supplies, enabling the smooth operation of their offices.

Professional Customer Service

At SOLIMED, we value customer relationships. Our professional customer service is always ready to assist in selecting the right products, providing expert advice, and answering any questions. We ensure that every purchasing experience is satisfying and trouble-free.

Attractive Promotions and Discounts

We believe that access to high-quality dental supplies should be available to everyone. Therefore, SOLIMED regularly offers attractive promotions and discounts, allowing our customers to use top-quality products at competitive prices.

Trust and Quality

Trust from our customers is our most valuable asset. SOLIMED makes every effort to deliver products of the highest quality, meeting the expectations of professionals in the field of dentistry.

SOLIMED is not just a supplier but also a partner supporting the development of dental practices, enabling them to achieve the best treatment results. As a company with a passion for excellence, SOLIMED is ready to meet any challenges in the field of dental supplies.

Physical Store Address:

SOLIMED Dental Supplies

ul. Frydeckiego 2a, 54-115 Wrocław

tel.: 71-72-56-567, 661-552-033


NIP: 894-272-11-23

REGON: 021213202