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Endodontic instruments
Endodontic instruments

Endodontic Instruments

Deep decay and inflammation of the dental pulp do not necessarily lead to tooth extraction. Modern endodontics offers a chance to save teeth that are not suitable for standard conservative treatment. However, endodontic treatment poses a significant challenge for dentists. Endodontics requires great precision on the part of the dentist. To ensure the success of the treatment, the dentist must have properly selected endodontic instruments. In the online dental store SOLIMED, dentists can find the necessary instruments for endodontic treatment.

What is Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and periapical tissues. The primary method used in endodontic treatment is root canal therapy. Endodontic treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp from the tooth canals and chamber, followed by disinfection and sealing of the canals. After root canal treatment, it is necessary to reconstruct the tooth crown. Endodontics allows avoiding tooth extraction. Teeth with cavities deep enough to cause irreversible pulp inflammation qualify for endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment can be performed manually or mechanically. In difficult cases, microscopic endodontic treatment is also applied, providing the highest precision to endodontists. After root canal treatment, teeth can serve the patient for many years.

Endodontic Instruments at SOLIMED

During root canal treatment, the dentist must demonstrate high precision. To ensure the success of the treatment, precise cleaning and sealing of the canals are necessary. Professional endodontic instruments assist in the proper preparation of the canals.

Endodontic instruments are designed to work in root canals. They help in locating and probing the canals. Endodontic instruments are also used to shape root canals, assisting in widening canal openings, irrigating canals, and introducing filling materials and medications. Some of the most popular endodontic instruments include pulp testers, endodontic explorers, spreaders, pluggers, needles, and condensers.

The online dental store SOLIMED offers high-quality endodontic instruments that facilitate the dentist's work and ensure the success of the entire endodontic treatment. In our product range, you can find endodontic condensers made of stainless steel. Our endodontic instruments are available in various shapes, making it easy to adapt them to the needs of patients. Endodontic condensers in the SOLIMED online dental store are designed for vertical (apical) gutta-percha condensation. They have a blunt-ended needle shape, with the tip set at an angle to the handle.

High-quality endodontic instruments prevent failures during root canal treatment. They are lightweight and comfortable to use. Endodontic instruments in the SOLIMED dental supply store enable easy maneuvering in the oral cavity, deep penetration of root canals, and ensure patient safety during endodontic treatment. Additionally, endodontic instruments can be sterilized, allowing for their repeated use during root canal treatment procedures in the dental office.

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