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    Soluble surgical sutures are a type of threads used in medicine, especially in surgery, which have the ability to dissolve or be absorbed by the patient's body over time. They are used for stitching wounds and closing tissues during operations.

    There are several types of soluble surgical sutures, differing in the time it takes for them to be absorbed by the body. The most commonly used types are self-absorbing sutures or sutures metabolized by the patient's body. This works in a way that these sutures gradually lose their strength and structural properties, and then are absorbed or dissolved.

    Soluble surgical sutures are used in various surgical cases, depending on the patient's needs, the type of surgery, and the area of the body undergoing the procedure. Below are some cases in which soluble surgical sutures are commonly used:

    Abdominal procedures: Soluble sutures may be used for stitching internal layers of the abdomen during abdominal surgeries, such as operations on the intestines or reproductive organs.

    Gynecological procedures: In gynecology, soluble sutures are popular for stitching after a cesarean section, as well as in other surgical procedures within the reproductive organs.

    Cardiovascular procedures: In some cardiovascular surgical procedures, soluble sutures may be used for stitching blood vessels or transplanting vessels.

    Plastic surgery procedures: In plastic surgery, soluble sutures may be used for stitching wounds, especially in the facial area, where aesthetics and minimizing visible stitches are important.

    Orthopedic procedures: In some cases, soluble surgical sutures may be used in orthopedics for stitching periarticular tissues or tendons.

    Dental procedures: In dental surgery, soluble sutures may be used for stitching wounds after tooth extraction or surgical procedures within the oral cavity.

    Gastrointestinal procedures: In gastrointestinal surgery, soluble sutures are often used for stitching intestines after resection or other types of operations.

    The use of soluble surgical sutures can eliminate the need for suture removal after the procedure, which is particularly beneficial in surgeries in hard-to-reach areas or in patients where removing stitches might be challenging. It also minimizes the risk of infection associated with the need to leave stitches for an extended period. However, the decision on the type of sutures depends on various factors, including the type of surgery, tissue type, healing time, and surgeon preferences.

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    Non-absorbable surgical sutures are used in cases where long-term stitch strength is required, as well as in situations where there is a need for stitches to be durable and not dissolve or be absorbed by the body. Below are a few cases in which non-absorbable surgical sutures are commonly used:

    Orthopedic procedures: Non-absorbable sutures are often used in orthopedic surgery for stitching tendons, ligaments, or bone fixation. In these cases, it is necessary to maintain lasting support and stability of the structure.

    Cardiac surgery procedures: In cardiac and vascular surgery, especially in graft implantation or vessel repair, non-absorbable sutures are used due to their strength and ability to maintain structural integrity.

    Plastic surgery procedures: In some cases of plastic surgery, especially in operations requiring lasting structural support, non-absorbable sutures may be used.

    Gastroenterologic procedures: In gastrointestinal surgery, especially in the stitching of organs such as the stomach or intestines, non-absorbable sutures are used to provide lasting security.

    Eye surgery procedures: In eye surgery, non-absorbable sutures are used to stitch eye tissues, such as the cornea or sclera.

    Vascular procedures: In vascular surgery, non-absorbable sutures are used in stitching blood vessels, especially when durable stiffening or fixation is required.

    Dental procedures: In dentistry, non-absorbable sutures may be used in stitching wounds after tooth extraction or in oral surgery.

    Non-absorbable surgical sutures are typically made from materials such as nylon, polypropylene, or silk. The choice of suture material depends on the specific nature of the procedure, the surgeon's needs, and the properties of the tissues being stitched.

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Surgical Sutures

Surgical Threads

Surgical sutures are essential equipment in medical facilities. To connect tissues after procedures, surgeons must choose appropriate materials. Surgical threads should be durable and tailored to the tissue undergoing the procedure. In the online medical store SOLIMED, you can find both dissolvable and non-dissolvable surgical threads, ensuring an effective and safe tissue connection in a comfortable manner for the patient.

Applications of Surgical Threads

Closing wounds is the final stage of any surgical treatment. High-quality surgical sutures ensure a tight connection of tissues and the restoration of their continuity. This accelerates wound healing and enables a return to normal activities. Sutures also provide sterility and minimize the risk of infection, crucial for patients post-surgical procedures. Good surgical threads also prevent the formation of significant aesthetic defects such as large scars after wound healing.

Characteristics of Good Surgical Threads

Surgical sutures must meet rigorous quality standards. They should provide strong tissue grip and binding stability while being resistant to stretching. Additionally, surgical threads should not cause adverse reactions or discomfort in patients. Sterility of the sutures is also crucial. Furthermore, surgical threads must be versatile enough for use in a wide range of procedures.

Types of Surgical Threads at SOLIMED Medical Store

The SOLIMED medical equipment store offers various types of surgical threads. In our assortment, you'll find high-quality non-dissolvable nylon surgical threads. Non-absorbable threads do not undergo absorption, so they must be removed by a surgeon after the wound has healed. Non-dissolvable surgical threads ensure a durable and strong tissue connection, making them suitable for many cases.

You can also purchase dissolvable PGA surgical threads at the SOLIMED online medical store. Absorbable sutures undergo absorption, eliminating the need for removal by a doctor. Dissolvable surgical threads are used in procedures such as dental surgery and for connecting tissues inside the body.

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