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Orthodontic Wax



1 box - 5 stripes per box

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Centraliss Orthodontic Wax

Special orthodontic wax is an essential accessory when wearing braces. Using orthodontic wax is an ideal way to alleviate the discomfort caused by irritating components and protruding elements of orthodontic appliances. It is particularly beneficial for patients at the beginning of orthodontic therapy with braces when the oral tissues are not yet accustomed to the sharp parts of the appliance.

Advantages of Centraliss Orthodontic Wax

  • Odorless: Centraliss orthodontic wax, being odorless, is significantly more suitable during orthodontic treatment than scented orthodontic wax. Odorless Centraliss wax is mucosa-friendly and does not cause allergies. Orthodontic wax with various flavors may induce nausea, allergies, or irritate the oral mucosa.
  • Calibrated: Centraliss dental wax is calibrated, making it much easier to apply orthodontic wax. Calibrated means it is divided into precise portions in the form of strips ready to be applied to the braces.
  • High Quality: High-quality signifies an ideal consistency. Centraliss dental wax lasts much longer on the braces, making it easier to apply and slowing down the swallowing of wax during the use of fixed orthodontic appliances.
  • Convenient Packaging: The practical packaging of Centraliss orthodontic wax allows you to have it with you at all times. The small plastic box with wax.
  • Wax Price: The price of Centraliss orthodontic wax will make you stop wondering whether to buy orthodontic wax. It is undoubtedly the most advantageous offer on the market. Orthodontic waxes are available in large packages, significantly reducing the cost per piece - see "quantity discounts."

Orthodontic Wax - When and How to Use?

Proper application of orthodontic wax on fixed braces can significantly alleviate the discomfort associated with wearing braces, especially right after the installation of orthodontic appliances. Here are a few steps to effectively use orthodontic wax:

  1. Before applying orthodontic wax, wash your hands to avoid transferring bacteria to the appliance and the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.
  2. Thoroughly brush your teeth. In the case of having removable braces, it is necessary to remove them before applying orthodontic wax and thoroughly clean the appliance.
  3. Tear off a small piece of wax, about 1 cm long, and roll it between your fingers, giving it a cylindrical shape. In the process, the wax will warm up and become more pliable.
  4. Stick the wax in place where the appliance causes irritation or abrasions, gently pressing to adhere the wax to the appliance and the mucous membrane.
  5. If necessary, apply additional pieces of wax in other areas to protect sharp elements that cause discomfort.
  6. Before meals, brushing your teeth, and sleeping, remember to remove the wax to avoid accidental swallowing.
  7. Regularly replace the wax, noting when it no longer adheres well to the appliance or begins to crumble.

Orthodontic Wax Excellent Not Only for Those with Braces

Orthodontic wax was originally developed for patients wearing braces, but it can be used in other situations. In cases of:

  • Irritations or abrasions caused by dentures or other dental prosthetics.
  • Desire to protect the area after tooth extraction from irritation by the tongue or cheek.
  • Sharp edge of a tooth causing irritation to the oral mucosa.

In such cases, applying orthodontic wax can bring relief and protect against further irritation. However, it's essential to remember that orthodontic wax is not a long-term solution, so it is recommended to consult with a dentist or orthodontist to find the appropriate treatment for the specific problem.