Solimed is the exclusive distributor of dental materials from Prevest Denpro Limited in Poland!

Since 2020, we have been delivering a full range of dental products from Prevest DenPro to our market. We have successfully built a base of loyal customers and gained a strong position in the dental materials supply industry.

Dental Materials Manufacturer – About the Company

Prevest DenPro Limited is currently one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental materials. Through constant emphasis on research and development, they continuously expand their product range to meet the growing needs of dental professionals.

The highest quality materials are produced in modern, technologically advanced manufacturing facilities covering an area of over 5,000 square meters.

Currently, the company has a portfolio of over 100 products distributed in 80 countries worldwide.

The products find applications in endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, and in the production of prosthetics in dental laboratories.

Dental Products – Quality, Tradition, and Vision for the Future.

The company Prevest was founded in 1999. Since then, they have been manufacturing materials in accordance with the EN ISO 13485:2016 standard and the EC Directive 93/42/EEC, guaranteeing the highest quality standards through strict adherence to an advanced quality assurance system.

The wealth of experience accumulated over many productions, continuous scientific research on new technologies, allows them to look optimistically towards the future. Currently, the company is expanding its activities to the production of disinfectants, oral hygiene products, dental care, and biomaterials.

The manufacturer's efforts have been recognized by the European Business Association, which awarded the manufacturer the "Best Enterprise Award."

Overview of the Manufacturer's Dental Materials.

The company specializes in materials for conservative and endodontic dentistry. The product range includes a wide range of traditional formula dental cements – carboxylate cement, phosphate cement, and glass ionomer cements. The list is complemented by temporary cements such as Zitem or OraTemp.

An important category includes innovative composite-reinforced dental cements with silver ions or hydroxyapatite, with Fusin Ultra D/C being the flagship light-cured and dual-cured cement.

Another area is nano-hybrid dental composites with a unique formula, along with a range of complementary products such as Fusion Bond 5 bonding system or self-etching Fusion Bond 7 and dental etchant Actino Gel.

A dynamically developing branch of the manufacturer is orthodontic materials. The well-received Fusion Crysta adhesive for orthodontic brackets or Fusion I-Seal cement for orthodontic bands is the best example of this.

Stars and Bestsellers – the most popular products of the brand.

Glass ionomer, light-cured cement Fusion I-Seal. It works well in conservative dentistry and orthodontics for cementing bands. Convenient to use, ready for application, light-cured – no need for mixing.

Orthodontic adhesive Fusion Crysta. The best-selling kit for bonding orthodontic brackets. An ideally composed orthodontic adhesive at a very attractive price.

Liquid, light-cured, nano-hybrid composite Fusion Flo. A highly versatile dental composite with a wide range of applications.

Future Stars of Prevest Denpro according to the slogan "The Future of Dentistry."

Proof of innovation and the fight for a leading position in the dental supply industry is undoubtedly the latest product line – resins for LCD/DPL and SLA 3D printers for the production of crowns, bridges, partial prosthetics, and implantology.

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