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Fluorotop APF fluoridation gel 500g




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Topical Fluoride Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride 1.23% Fluoride lon

A topical APF anti-caries preparation for dental use 1.23 % fluoride ion from sodium fluoride. Optimized PH for a quick complete treatment. The improved thixotropic properties ensure closer adherence to enamel and interproximal areas. It contains xylitol-a proven anti-caries ingredient. The gel is offered in flavours for patient satisfaction and there’s no bitter taste.


Topical application of fluoride to aid in the protection against dental caries

Product Benefits

  • Inhibits plaque build-up

  • Prevents demineralization of tooth

  • Promotes re-mineralization for caries protection and prevention

  • Economical

  • High fluidity for easy and quick application